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Tube passengers hit record high last week

After many months of gloom for TfL some good news emerges as ridership on the tube hit a record high last Friday with 5,031,000 journey last Friday.

It’s less good for passengers as upgrades to the network are scrapped and Crossrail delayed.

And in figures released today covering an entire month, the tube saw 112.7 million journey versus 110.6 million last year.

No real reason to include this photo except that I love it

In less good news for TfL, bus usage continues to fall. It’s down from 178.1 million journeys to 174.9 million this year.

The DLR increased from 9.9 million last year to 10.1 million this year.

The Overground increased from 15.4 million to 15.5 million. And TfL Rail, a precursor of Crossrail covering Liverpool Street to Shenfield and Paddington to Heathrow, increased from 3.7m to 4.7m.

If only those pesky buses would stop seeing declining then usage TfL’s worries may lessen. Well, only a tad perhaps.

These figures cover period seven of the financial year – mid October to mid November. Whilst monthly figures are volatile, annual figures show a similar theme; buses down, the tube up slightly, DLR static or with very minor increases and rail seeing some growth, especially TfL Rail.

All data can be found here.



  1. Ralph Hardwick

    Can a reduction in bus journeys be attributed to increased congestion as a result of cycle routes?

    • John

      Where are all these cycle routes that have been built between now and last year Ralph?

  2. anonymous201486

    Good point. The available road space is being sliced and diced with everybody having to share ever decreasing space. However, if everybody behaved properly and considered other road users, cycle lanes would not be necessary.

  3. JB

    Can you let me know where the cycle routes are that would cause congestion, please? Please provide pre and post cycle route bus journey time studies to back up your thoughts.

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