Kidbrooke Village restaurant space to become Berkeley sales centre

This will be a disappointment to the thousands living and moving to Kidbooke Village. Berkeley Homes have submitted plans to use a commercial unit, designated as restaurant space, as a sales centre for five years.

The unit is in a new town square currently heading towards completion alongside towers. A new station is also part of the plan.

New town centre

Many local people have complained of a lack of shops and places to eat. A small Sainsbury’s in the area will move to another unit in the square, but it is unlikely to be big enough for the thousands of people living in the area.

TfL last week submitted plans for many homes just north of the new square on the other side of Kidbrooke station.

Tfl plans at top, Berkeley Homes site at bottom

Just north of that is Homebase which is closing in two days. It’s a prime site for more housing, and a large supermarket would likely do very well with over 10,000 new residents nearby.

Homebase in red, TfL site in blue and Berkeley Homes in purple

We will have to see whether the landowners keep it as a retail shed and forfeit profit from new homes, build a predominantly residential development and miss out on retail income or build a mixed-use development comprising a large store and homes above, which in my opinion makes the most sense.

As a private renter with a young family, the cost of living is extremely high.

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One thought on “Kidbrooke Village restaurant space to become Berkeley sales centre

  • December 13, 2018 at 2:11 pm

    Lets hope chosen developers who will redevelop the Homebase site In Kidbrooke very close to Kidbrooke Village and Kidbrooke Station will include a large supermarket as part of this development. The new Supermarket would be well used by residents moving on to Kidbrooke Village and the local area around Kidbrooke Park Road.


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