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Dartford man jailed after string of crime including Woolwich bus sex assaults

A man from Dartford, Abdi Wahab Ikken, has been convicted of committing two sexual assaults on buses as well as a string of other crimes.

One incident was against a 17 year-old girl on a 96 bus in Woolwich on August 28th last year and another against a woman on the 53 bus on September 25th this year.

Last year he boarded the 96 bus outside Dartford Magistrates Court at 6.30pm and assaulted a teenager who travelling from Bluewater.

His second assault was on a woman in her twenties who was travelling towards central London on the 53.

He was also convicted at the Inner London Crown Court of holding a forged French passport.

A separate previous charge he had been convicted for was using a stolen oyster card last year.

He was jailed for 25 weeks.

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  1. Paul SuperUnknown

    Yet he’s still in this Country, stolen passport, and all!

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