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UPDATE: Man injured on train yesterday was police officer trying to stop fight

A  Southeastern train was halted in the evening rush hour due to a violent incident onboard.

It’s now been revealed an off-duty police officer attempted to stop a fight at Albany Park on the Sidcup line and was hit with a baton.

He suffered injuries to his head though not believed to be serious. Two 17 year olds have been arrested.

The incident again raised questions surrounding the Southeastern Metro network which has seen many violent incidents on trains and stations recently and in many places lacks station staffing, has no on-board train staff and leaves barriers open at most stations, if they exist in the first place.

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  1. Charles Calthrop

    I remember the security guard patrol that Southeastern hired in 96, usually by the bridge at Woolwich Arsenal but often wandering the trains at night. Woolwich has always been a little rough-and-tumble since the early 90s but I don’t remember it being particularly dangerous if you kept your wits about you. I hope that officer recovers soon and isn’t left out to dry.

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