Train delays with reports of violent incident on Southeastern train

Reports are coming in of a man being attacked on a train at Albany Park on the Sidcup Line around 45 minutes ago which has stopped trains on the line.

Some reports state a bar was used to attack a passenger.

If confirmed, it’s the latest in a number of incidence on trains on what is largely an unstaffed, open network in South East London and North Kent.

In recent weeks passengers have been robbed at Woolwich Dockyard station (unstaffed for much of the day), a stabbing at Slade Green began as an argument at Plumstead. Both have no barriers and unstaffed for much of the day including evenings.

No staff, open barriers

Yesterday I needed to travel across three different Metro lines and various station. Of course, no staff at all on any train and every single station had barriers open with staff only seen at Lewisham (though barriers were open). Even Victoria station was wide open just after 8pm. Every other station was open.

A lack of staff compromises safety and is costing large sums through fare evasion with passenger numbers underestimated. TfL were planning to staff almost every station from first to last train if they took over Southeastern metro routes until Transport Minister Chris Grayling blocked it.

The only station that appears to be staffed and with barriers in operation until the last train is now Abbey Wood, as TfL took over in advance of Crossrail.

The new franchise requirement makes no mention of all-day staffing and has descended into a mess today with reports it may have to start over again. However, don’t expect all-day staffing.


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6 thoughts on “Train delays with reports of violent incident on Southeastern train

  • My friend was on a train from Woolwich arsenal to London Bridge on Friday night and a young man tried to snatch her bag as the train pulled into Greenwich. He pressed the open door button and then leaned over the chair to try and snatch it. Luckily she punched him and held on to her bag. Other passengers said that he was walking up and down the carriage, acting suspiciously with one passenger telling my friend “I watched him looking at you and tried to get your attention to alert you.” I’m flabbergasted this passenger didn’t try harder to alert my friend.
    Trains need more staff so passengers feel safe no potential criminals are put off.

  • I was on the mid evening train that made Crimewatch after one carriage of passengers was robbed at gunpoint between London Bridge and Deptford in 96 or 97. So many robberies and also a couple of sexual assaults on trains around that time that Connex put 2 uniformed security guards on evening services on the Woolwich & Greenwich lines. The security guards may also have been on other Connex lines but I only used Woolwich & Greenwich so not sure on that point.

  • How disgusting is it that we live in a society where everything has to be manned in order to keep you safe. I used the trains yesterday evening and felt very uneasy as I was so dark on the platforms.

    • Station platforms,like Plumstead need better lighting,its very dark for lone/ late passengers !

    • It’s either that or bring back guards, which we know the industry is fighting hard against at the moment. People point to the DLR as an example of a railway that’s relatively safe and secure despite most stations having no barriers – that’s in large part because there’s a train captain on board every train, first to last, capable of roaming freely up and down the train.

      Ironically, those who wish for an automated driverless service may end up on the right side of history – any such trains would need to have a guard (or “emergency driver”) on board, which would naturally increase security.

  • An incident this year happened to me and my sister on the southeastern. A guy trying to get my sister to be interested in him. He got told to leave her alone. He was much old and she a young lady so obviously I’d be very protective. He didn’t like her response so began being racially abusive Disgusting. He threatened her that he’d get her under the bridge at Erith. Of there were staff there he would not have got away. Thank you to another passenger, that nice gentleman, who helped us safely get home. Wish there were more people like you.
    Southeastern also claim cameras aren’t working… Where is all the money going that we pay for tickets. Passenger safety is at an all time low with southeastern doing nothing to improve this.


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