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Office to flat conversion project to begin in Woolwich

As it looked

Conversion plans of Royal Sovereign House in Woolwich appear to be moving forward with detailed planning submissions in recent weeks.

The plan will see a former office block, built in the late 1980s, converted to residential use with 28 flats including additional floors built above the existing structure.

It’s not an award winning conversion with extensive use of grey. Apparently grey zinc is “evocative of a navel” (sic) heritage”…

Yep, not a looker. Any colour so long as it’s battleship grey.

Opposite this site are approved plans for a new housing block on the former Catholic Club next to Premier Inn:Behind that will be a small park/gardens stretching to the Thames, as covered yesterday.

And of course many new Berkeley developments are proceeding.

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  1. JB

    I expect the flats are very small?

    Loving the railing on the top picture. Nicely encapsulates the pointlessness of this type of street clutter so beloved by Greenwich Council.

    They simultaneously make areas ugly, cost thousands to install and maintain and yet do very little. Look at it! What is it achieving at all?

    If the want to show drivers there’s a junction there (though it’s obvious) there are far simpler and less intrusive ways to do so.

    Further down the road there are tons more railings. The area looks rubbish because of it. To remove is such a simple job and should be carried out borough wide except where essential (90% is not).

    10 grand would remove 80% in Woolwich and leave much more attractive and more walkable streets.

  2. Paul

    “Navel?” Obviously, they are referring to a long history of bellybutton staring by our over matched, out of depth, Council.

  3. anonymous201486

    The flats will, indeed, be very small as this is a conversion under ‘permitted development’ and there is no minimum room size guidance. It does not matter how ‘lavishly appointed’ these flats might be (highly unlikely), living in one will be extremely confining. The Guardian recently wrote an article – – about a rapacious owner who carved up an office space and the miserable conditions that the tenants endure. Granted, the said building is at the low end of the housing sector, but the points made are relevant to any conversion of this sort.

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