Icon outlet shopping centre at o2 Greenwich to open October 20th

The first shops in an 85-unit shoping outlet village in Greenwich’s o2 will open on October 20th.

The new shopping centre is expected to attract vast numbers of shoppers by car, bus and Jubilee Line, yet has passed under the radar for many, with Ikea garnering far more attention.

Some new shops have also been revealed: Gap, Cheaney Shoes, Hobbs, Phase Eight, Cath Kidston, G-Star Raw, James Lakeland, Tateossian, The Cosmetics Company Store, Lindt, Rolling Luggage, and The Body Shop.

The first range of shops was announced in July.

Alongside 85 shops will be many new restaurants, cafés and bars, a 50,000 square foot cinema extension for Cineworld with eight more screens (covered here) and a 30,000 square foot trampoline park.

The centre will be heavily aimed at the Asian tourist market who travel miles to visit Bicester Village.

Transport, transport, transport

As noted many times, pressure on local transport will increase sharply. The opening coincides with a huge new school on the Peninsula which is expected to introduce much additional traffic with Ikea following in early 2019.

Heavy traffic abounds in the area

A new 4,400-capacity music and entertainment venue will then follow.

Jubilee Line expansion plans have been cut and bus routes to the Peninsula are also expected to be cut given TfL’s financial problems. The 472, for example, could see sizeable reductions.

Don’t even bother walking from the nearest Southeastern station. Public realm and streetscapes are dire.

Pedestrian environment near Westcombe Park station

Whilst all these new additions to the area will be appealing to many, the infrastructure supporting them lags way behind.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    6 thoughts on “Icon outlet shopping centre at o2 Greenwich to open October 20th

    • There is an alternative walking route which is slightly better but its still 30 mins


    • Will you get security search to enter? I hate going to the O2 for that reason, I don’t need to be harassed and invaded by going about my business.

    • Although we have the Jubilee Line at North Greenwich. The DLR at Greenwich and Woolwich many people still travel to North Greenwich Station and the 02 by bus. With many residents having to catch one or two buses to reach these stations from some areas of the Borough of Greenwich. I welcome the new Outlet Village at the 02. But I have to agree that the transport infrastructure around Greenwich Borough has lagged behind for a number of years now.

    • They should / have to put a DLR and a jubilee line in from Greenwich proper, because the government and tfl are supposed to be making London greener and less congested ,if they don’t it will become gridlocked and more polluted .

    • Greenwich Council……Where common sense goes to die!

      Why does the council persist in trying to make this borough the worst place to live in London?

      At first I was willing to accept that the lack of planning and thought was due to incompetence, but based on the above this has got to be deliberate.
      I believe someone is benefiting from this shambles, there is no other reason for this situation.

      What with public transport changes (granted outside of the council direct control) and the dire state of the surrounding area the shopping experience will not be a good one. Shopper numbers will reduce as the word gets around that the location is hard to get to for both cars and buses. Shops will close due to lack of trade. The area will become a white elephant, with the council blaming every other institution on the planet and lack of funding for the deterioration.

      This cannot be normal. Is there not some sort of audit/investigation that can be undertaken to review the entire structure and workings of Greenwich council?

      Oh I had better stop there the council may use that as an excuse to suspend services all together while waiting for the outcome of the audit.

      Whatever is done, the council cannot be allowed to continue to run down the borough. It’s not funny anymore.

    • I’m a 422 bus driver, this is going to put an increased strain on the buses serving North Greenwich. It’s already a nightmare. Traffic in and out of the area is appalling and we are experiencing heavy delays constantly. With the Blackwall Tunnel, Dartford Crossing and the new IKEA when it opens all contributing to the nightmare we are heading for daily gridlock.


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