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Up to 200 music events a year approved at new venue in Greenwich

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Greenwich Councillors have backed plans to increase the number of events at a new venue in Greenwich from 43 a year to 200.

The 43 figure was only approved in July but developer Knight Dragon quickly moved to increase numbers.

On a personal level more live music and events is always welcome. The 4,400 capacity fills a nice gap between the mega arena acts in the o2.

As highlighted before though, nearby streets such as Millennium Way lack even basic paving to cope with visitors.

Hotel will be on left. Venue ahead. Paving ends.

Despite this, Greenwich Highways and Transport state:

It appears they believe no one will walk from the hotel or Greenwich town centre? No one from thousands of new homes at Enderby Wharf and River Gardens?

A 300-room Travelodge, set to be approved next week, will bring £324,000 to Greenwich Council from Travelodge in Community Infrastructure Levy payments. Millenium Way is between the new hotel and venue.

However, only £10,000 (compared to £264k for council agency GLLaB) is allocated from CIL income towards upgrading links between the new hotel and music venue.

£324k income from the hotel would be an ideal income source to fund upgrades but £10k is likely to achieve very much of anything. Some new signs is about the extent that is likely, meaning visitors will be walking on slippery uneven grass verges beside a dual carriageway to reach the venue.

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