17 year old attacked with knife in Woolwich

The bad news out of Woolwich keeps coming. Yesterday’s shooting story included details of an earlier incident at Powis Street and more details are now in.

Police have now confirmed that a 17 year old girl was slashed twice with a knife. Her injuries are not life threatening.

A call was made to police at 1:50pm and police and helicopters were seen in the area.

A few hours after a woman was shot nearby at Mulgrave Road. An arson attack claimed the life of a woman in the town hours after that. Police have not linked the crimes.

Anyone with information is asked to call police via 101 quoting CAD3943/05SEP or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

15 thoughts on “17 year old attacked with knife in Woolwich

  • Lynne – don’t read them then. The headline makes it clear what the story is about. I’m interested in what goes on in our local community and find these posts informative.

  • Sorry murky, dont want to read these kind of stories in your posts. I value those about infrastructure, planning, transport etc which i dont see elsewhere. Ones like these just make me feel vaguely anxious with no clear course of action

    • The header cleary states the subject. That it isn’t a pleasant news item, correct. But you and anyone can avoid it by “I see the header, I pass”. General awareness of the state of the area is a very important thing and Musky is doing a good job

  • Hi Murky, I must agree with Lynne, this blog used to be about housing, development, infrastructure, architecture, public realm etc, but now it becomes stabbing, crime and so on.
    It would be great if this wonderful blog could steer back to its roots again.
    If I want to read about all the crime in the area I can open NewsShoppers website and similar. Keep doing the fantastic job!

    • There’s more coverage of planning and council matters than ever – lots of stuff in recent days – GLLaB, London Overground, Greenwich hotel and tower, Charlton housing block now rising, Plumstead library and Belvedere development in three days.

      Some people said they wanted a wider range of news. I try to put many stories in context (eg despite the headlines, murders are lower than most of the 90s and 2000s) so it isn’t sensationalist.


      • I’d like to add to this unscientific survey.

        I love the core murky product. But it’s very different from providing high quality, hopefully impartial, reasoned and balanced news reporting. I’m not a journalist (although work woth many) and so wouldn’t try and replicate their work. I apologise if I’ve misread your work, but you don’t strike me as a journalist either. In the same way that I welcome everything Gary Lineker has to say about football, I find it awkward when he strays into political commentary.

        Just my two pence.

  • I agree with Chris.
    I like to read on wide range of topics/news affecting our borough – good and bad!

  • I too agree with Chris on Tuesday night my son was chased through woolwich by a group of boys as he came home from work 23.00 Thankful he got away I’d hate to think of what would have happened if he hadn’t…..

    • Scary to hear that happened!
      Where in Woolwich did this occur?

      I really think there needs to be a sustained zero tolerence approach to the street gangs and anti social behaviour in Woolwich.

  • There is no decent local newspaper. Unless these issues are highlighted, the residents, there is no pressure for them to be tackled. Its fantastic that you are letting us know what problems we face – and the frequency. Its an eye opener for me, that could save my life.

    Keep doing it please !!

  • It happened as he got off the DLR station by the main line and he ran across the traffic on the main road and into the barracks.

  • Perhaps there is a way to filter out the articles. I originally joined for the Planning, Building and Infrastructure news as it has always been until recently. Just too drastic reading about new buildings on one page and stabbings on another.

    • There are category links on both the main menu and the right hand side. Anyway, as someone has already said, the headings make it clear what each article is about, simply read the ones that interest you!

  • It’s a bit like having lots of channels on the telly, isn’t it? You watch the ones you’re interested in and ignore the rest, but surely no-one would dream of denying the chance for others to watch those that don’t particularly appeal to them. It’s the same here…

  • I think it is very important that we know what is happening in the Borough. People need to be made a where these incidents are happening so they can be on their guard and hopefully keep themselves and others safe from harm. Keep up the good work Murky Depths.


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