Greenwich borough has highest number of dangerously clad buildings in London

I’d missed this story that was covered in early August so thanks for the heads up from a reader. Research by Property Week reveals Greenwich borough has the highest number of housing blocks with dangerous ACM cladding – and by some way.

29 blocks have the cladding – which is far ahead of the second boroughs Brent and Wandsworth with 12 each.

Lewisham and Bexley have no towers with ACM cladding.

Some councils however refused to provide data. Newham was one such authority, and the large amount of blocks in Stratford suggest at least some would have ACM cladding.

Greenwich blocks

Problems with some developments have been long known. New Capital Quay is one, which houses Waitrose and almost 1000 homes. After a long battle residents will not have to pay for remediation work.

Also in Greenwich, the library and leisure centre site at Greenwich Square alongside hundreds of homes has the same dangerous cladding, and 24 hour patrols are now conducted by fire marshals.

Another development in the town on Norman Road by Deptford Creek also has ACM panels.

It appears many more blocks are not widely known raising many questions for home owners, renters, and potential buyers.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    5 thoughts on “Greenwich borough has highest number of dangerously clad buildings in London

    • To be fair before terrible events at Greenfell Tower some developers may not have known how dangerous this cladding was. However,once the problems with this dangerous cladding was known Developers and Local Authorities should be taking remedial action to replace the cladding or make the cladding safe from fires until such time the cladding can be replaced.

      It is of great concern that this ACM cladding remains on so many buildings in Greenwich.

      Cladding was attached to some older Local Authority blocks of flats to make the outside walls more energy efficient for residents to help reduce heating cost. I am not sure what type of cladding was used on these blocks of flats or if the Local Authority (Greenwich) have carried out the required safety test on this cladding. To give their tenants some reassurance.

      • “some developers may not have known how dangerous this cladding was” – don’t be such a stupid person, they knew!!

      • “some developers may not have known how dangerous this cladding was”, don’t be so stupid. They know and knew! (please don’t post the other comment as I don’t want full name, thank you, why I responded a second time)

    • Fire marshalls on 24 hour patrol are of little use if the building is going to ignite like a roman candle. Toxic smoke inhalation was a big contributor to the Grenfell Tower deaths and killed even those who managed to get out.


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