Kidbrooke’s new railway station plan submitted

An application has been made to build a brand new station for Kidbrooke as part of the giant “Kidbrooke Village” development.

The current station operates out of a temporary building as towers are constructed in the area.

This station plan differs from a previously agreed 2012 submission. A cube-shaped structure is now triangular.

The new building will include a skylight above the central area of the station and is a vast improvement on the bleak former station area.

The station will serve 4,300 homes built as part of Kidbrooke Village as well as homes planned on the north side of the station. Those plans have been covered here.

Kidbrooke Village. Other schemes not pictured

A new bus interchange is to be located nearby, yet it appears no segregated cycle lanes are included. More dicing with buses pulling in and out for those brave enough to cycle?

If so, there won’t be much modal shift here.

The area was starting from a clean slate. How can separate, safe cycle lanes still not be a consideration?

Space for 30 cycles is included in station plans.

Ticket barriers will be installed in the new building, though the eastbound entrance doesn’t appear to have any so it will do little for fare evasion.

TfL planned to have station staff present from first-to-last trains if they took over operations but the Department for Transport blocked that agreement, so a DfT franchise will now to continue running services.

It is likely that limited visible staffing will now continue, with none in the evenings or much of the weekend.

The planning reference is 18/2904/F

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5 thoughts on “Kidbrooke’s new railway station plan submitted

  • Even Woolwich leaves the wretched gates open as it pleases so Kidbrooke will probably be the same. It’s entirely possible to get to Kentish Town for nothing if you’re prepared to risk a sudden inspection and I imagine to some it’s a risk worth taking

  • Many people feel it’s well worth taking the chance as the risk of being checked on board is tiny. I’ve been checked twice in four years.

    And most stations open too. Also with new Thameslink you can see all down the train so if they do check (miracles do happen!) then just get off at next station.

    Most people in the area know free travel is a doddle. They must be losing a ton of money. TfL knew they could capture some of that income. Of course some will just walk through barriers anyway close behind someone else and nothing happens to them.

  • All are well-calculated. Employing extra staff out-weighs the money can be recovered. That’s why they just let it be. By the way, why go to Kenish Town.

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