Bexleyheath bungalow to block of flats? Plans in

A plan has been submitted to demolish a bungalow at 26 Brampton Road in Bexleyheath and build a block of ten flats on site.

Now, this plan in isolation is perhaps not the biggest news of the year, but it could become very symbolic.

Bungalows in suburbia are aspired to by many as a place to retire. Bexleyheath has traditionally been seen as the heart of suburbia. Is this the first of many such changes in the area?

Could many other family homes go with bigger blocks built in their place?

In many ways changes to those living in suburban London homes is already happening but in a hidden way. Existing family homes are being subdivided and split as people seek homes and a shortage of new builds causes overcrowding in existing properties.

The planning reference is 18/01926/FULM


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5 thoughts on “Bexleyheath bungalow to block of flats? Plans in

  • It is disgraceful that ribbon developers should get away with invading peoples privacy and take away natural light with the height they wish to go. 1

    • Disgusting that the council is giving way to buildng flats on former bungalow sites or green spaces, old business properties etc. I hate it all these flats being built in Bexleyheath. Low class people are moving into the area with their crime and aggression bringing down the quality of life for residents who have lived here for years and new people who have bought properties here
      Shame on Bexley council.

      • Shame on you Mary Smith! People need houses. Time for nimbies like you to leave!

  • A few years ago the old strip of land by Westcombe Park Station was given over to a car rental place aimed primarily at teenage drivers. Aside from the halogen lights kept on through the night the portakabin appears to face the bedroom windows of at least a half dozen homes. There are individual houses there that block light to surrounding homes and when the council flats on the corner of Ruthin Road are razed I suspect a much bigger private development to take its place. Light and privacy are simply impediments to profits unfortunately

  • Completely out of keeping with the surrounding area, but I bet if someone where to submit a ‘radical design’ for an individual dwelling, it would be turned down.


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