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Small developments springing up around east Greenwich

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A few small-scale developments around east Greenwich are now approaching completion. Most are replacements for former shop units.

First up is this corner block on what was a Cycle store on Trafalgar Road.

It’s pictured above to the left of Jumangee shop. A shame that lighting is not attached to buildings instead of poles which result in pedestrian obstructions. Recent regulation changes make this easier to do yet little sign of it happening across much of London.

Here’s how the site appeared when it was a single storey Cycle shop (behind the traffic light):

It’s good to see greater density though pavement width has been reduced, and coupled with guardrail leaves little space for pedestrians on a very busy road.

At the opposite side of the junction are more new flats at the Greenwich Town Social Club site beside a new Thai restaurant:

The finished article:

Also in the area is the next stage of Greenwich Square which is now underway. It’s been revealed that the first stage, including Greenwich library and leisure centre, features the most flammable Grade 3 type of ACM cladding and needs removal.

The usual squabbles are underway as to who should pay. It’s quite incredible that as the Grenfell enquiry gets underway this is not being worked on as a matter of urgency and resolved by Central Government.

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