Silvertown Tunnel approved with Woolwich Ferry to be tolled? Mitigation fund also blocked.

Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has today approved the Silvertown Tunnel from Greenwich to the Royal Docks and Silvertown Way in Newham.

The report reveals Woolwich Ferry could also be tolled and a hoped-for “sustainable transport fund” for Greenwich has not been approved.

The report also states this on housing:

The majority of the area to the north and east of the A102 is
undergoing redevelopment as part of the consented Greenwich
Peninsula Masterplan, which is a major high-density residential-led
(approximately 12,000 homes).

However, the Knight Dragon masterplan is 15,720 alone after an increase in 2015.

Other developments on the Peninsula take up new home numbers to over 20,000. These include Enderby Wharf, River Gardens, Greenwich Millenium Village and AEG towers.

The decision reveals that there is “inevitable significant uncertainties in traffic forecasting and modelling (PR 5.2.90) and that to address this, adequately resourced and independent monitoring needs to be put in place”.

Greenwich Council have also asked for the Woolwich Ferry to possibly be tolled and asked for funds through an additional “sustainable transport fund” to mitigate impacts

The Panel considered whether risks to the World Heritage Site (“WHS”) at Greenwich would arise from traffic congestion, as a result of the scheme. The RBG did not agree with the Applicant that the impact on Greenwich Town centre would be minimal and explained that the preferred method of mitigation for the WHS would be a sustainable transport fund (PR 5.18.19). In addition they would wish to see the implementation of user charges at adjacent crossings if required, including the Woolwich Ferry

However the sustainable transport fund appears to be rejected:

The Panel considered that the Secretary of State may wish to ensure that the mechanism for providing this fund to the local authority is included within the legal agreement between the Applicant and RGB prior to making the DCO (PR 5.18.30). As mentioned above in paragraph 12 no legal agreement has yet been signed. However, the Secretary of State also notes the Panel’s view that a sustainable transport fund appears to be desirable rather than essential (PR 9.10.13). He agrees with the Panel that the mitigation secured through requirement 7, together with the MMS is sufficient to mitigate against any adverse impacts on the WHS at Greenwich should they occur

Get out you pennies

Blackwall Tunnel will also be tolled. The impact on Greenwich Town Centre from traffic heading to Rotherhithe tunnel remains to be seen.

Northern portal

The Secretary of State’s response notes that “the proposed Development is in an area already experiencing levels of NO2 in excess of EU limits” and “The Secretary of State notes that whilst there might be worsening in air quality of some receptors that are already over the limits for NO2, the Secretary of State is content that with the mitigation measures secured through the DCO, the Development can operate at the levels of traffic and emissions that were assessed by the Applicant”.

In addition, other changes include:

“Tunnel Avenue – including the removal of the bus-only gate, thereby
allowing access for all vehicles between Blackwall Lane and Ordnance

It’s a long document so I’ll follow this up with anything else that stands out.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    11 thoughts on “Silvertown Tunnel approved with Woolwich Ferry to be tolled? Mitigation fund also blocked.

      • Mid 2020s for opening I’d say

    • Am disturbed that one of the automated ads (not your fault) on this post is a fake Dragons Den Bitcoin binary trading ad

      • Thanks for the heads up. Will look it up and try to block

    • I thought that they had worked out tolling the ferry was too difficult?

      One of the worst things that happened to the area was detrunking the Blackwall tunnel and giving it to Greenwich. Greenwich Council does not care about overall traffic, they just want to kill cars in this borough, regardless of need or whether it supports local business.

      Having the only untolled crossings in East London as Tower Bridge and the Rotherhithe Tunnel is mind-blowingly stupid. But there is some argument to say that Blackwall should be tolled but Dartford not – that would pull cars away from areas with the worst pollution.

      Crossings MUST be managed with a multi-borough plan.

      • Any tolls would use ANPR cameras so pretty simple to install

        • The issue isn’t installation, it is how traffic diverts to avoid tolls, and the consequent congestion. It’s thought 1/3 of the daytime traffic has made a choice to go Blackwall rather than Dartford. With the Severn crossings, the distance driven to avoid them is more than the cost of fuel.

          • Yep it’s often illogical but plenty do it as you say

    • So there would not be free river crossing passing Rotherhithe beyond 2023…

      I’d wonder if there will be any local resident discount similar to Dartford Crossing.

      If you pay your council tax to either Thurrock Council or Dartford Council, you can either: pay £20 a year to use the Dartford Crossing as many times as you want or pay £10 for 50 crossings, plus 20p for each additional crossing

      Great website already in my feed reader.

    • This must surely be a joke?
      So they are pushing for the silvertown tunnel that really wants AND tolling the Blackwall tunnel?!!!!!!!

      Along with the ULEZ expanding the N & S Circular, I’m screwed!!!!
      I try not to use me car where possible but I do need to use my car on the odd occasion.
      I can’t afford to update my car (after spending ££££’s on maintaining it over the years) and pay for the toll.

      I know everyone need to use their cars less but m god, there are more easier and fairer ways of achieving this.
      Quite simply, scrap the VED on private light vehicles and add for eg. 10p tax to a litre of fuel. Those who then drive more, pay more.
      No need for ANPR cameras, the admin and other infrastructure to pay and maintain!

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