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Homebase Kidbrooke closing – more homes and towers coming to store sites?

Yesterday The Guardian covered the serious problems currently facing Homebase DIY stores since a botched takeover two years ago by an Australian firm behind Bunnings DIY chain.

The article has the strong headline ‘Homebase is the most disastrous retail acquisition in the UK ever’ which paints a bleak picture. One option now on the table is closing all stores.

Courtesy Google. Extensive car parking

Homebase have a number of stores across London and some are already closing to become predominantly residential sites. One such site is turning into 333 flats in blocks up to 16 floors with a supermarket below.

Now, this is purely in the realm of speculation, but Kidbrooke immediately stands out as a candidate for housing.

It’s located close to Kidbrooke railway station where high density housing is encouraged to lessen dependence on cars.

Courtesy Google. Homebase in red, TfL site in blue and Berkeley Homes in purple

Directly next door is a site TfL and Network Rail are proposing towers.

This was covered last year on the site, and U&I and Notting Hill are planning 400 homes.

Over the other side of the tracks is Berkeley Homes Kidbrooke scheme with multiple towers. More were approved last August.

Sites such as Kidbrooke Homebase will probably be designated as suitable for housing in Greenwich Council’s Local Plan which guides development. Yet after initial consultation over two years ago it’s all gone quiet on what is happening with this crucial document.

It’s crucial that the plan progresses and consultation continues, but regardless of that Kidbrooke Homebase is a likely candidate for homes in coming years.

Hopefully staff aren’t too badly affected if it does happen and there is a retail component to any development. Thousands of homes will see a big uplift in potential costumers.

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  1. anonymous201486

    Ha, ha. I hope that Homebase Kidbrooke can survive as there will definitely be an uplift in business as the occupiers of the shoddily built flats will need somewhere to go to get replacement bits and pieces when things start to fall apart.

    • fromthemurkydepths

      Problem with many new builds are the tiny gardens behind houses. Crap for DIY stores.

  2. CDT

    Agree with both of the above comments. However, if Kidbrooke Homebase Store does sadly close. I hope a supermarket would be included has part of the scheme. With a growing local population in Kidbrooke people need somewhere to buy their shopping locally, If they want to lessen the dependency on cars. There is a Sainsbury’s Local but this store alone is not big enough to serve all of Kidbrooke Village and the immediate surrounding area. Has there is a store already on the site cannot see many issues being raised. I think Greenwich Council would go for the option of a retail/housing development.

  3. John

    The Penge store is a great candidate for rebuilding though its one of the few they’ve converted to Bunnings.

    It directly next to Penge West station which has London Overground and Southern services, and a 2 mins walk from Penge east station to Victoria.

    Rebuild with homes above a store and that helps the housing shortage and provides more potential customers. Whether they own or lease, its mad it hasn’t happened.

  4. anonymous201486

    @CDT: a retail/housing option would be ideal, but given Greenwich council’s prediliction for plonking down blocks of flats without thinking of infrastructure or amenities, I doubt this will happen.

  5. Gillian Defer

    I sincerely hope that they dont close kidbrooke Homebase so that they can continue to supply the community with all there essential needs, I hope that Homebase can go back to selling all the old household essentials ie microwaves bedding and soft furnishings cutlery and plates everything you need when setting up a new home KEEP KIDBROOKE HOMEBASE OPEN
    S O S

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