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100 beds planned at Queen Elizabeth hospital extension in Woolwich

QE was expanded - though demand outstrips supply

Plans will be decided in early January on constructing an extension to Woolwich’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Greenwich’s Planning Board will decide on a three-storey extension on a car park opposite Charlton Cemetery on the 9th January.

The current site. Very poor existing PFI hospital buildings can be seen

Officers have wisely asked for additional trees to block the view.

On one floor there will be staff quarters and equipment with the floor above seeing 60 beds including 12 x 4 bed rooms and 10 single rooms.

On the third floor there will be a total of 40 beds with:

  • 12 Critical Care Rooms
  • 3 four bed rooms
  • 1 HDU space with 8 bed spaces
  • 8 Single rooms

Design wise it’s very much in keeping with the “budget” 2001 PFI hospital. This has a splash of colour.

The planning reference is 17/3282/F

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  1. Tired but still standing

    Excellent! Let’s hope they have the doctors and nurses to staff the wards after Brexit, as from what I have witnessed the last two times my mother has been in there, they are stretched to the limit and beyond.

    • Plumstead Resident

      Good that they are making a capital investment in the hospital but my experience of the hospital is that they don’t have a enough staff.

  2. Phumzile Mncube

    The hospital is struggling with staff. Not only QE all NHS hospitals nurses and doctors are under pressure…

  3. .

    The hospital is struggling with staff. Not only QE all NHS hospitals nurses and doctors are under pressure…

  4. Greenwich Resident

    Indeed, how will the hospital be staffed? Especially as Brexit is already scaring away the many European support staff who provide care

    And even more than this, when will we bring proper bed-side care back into nursing, and make more use of proper palliative care as a complement to necessary invasive treatments?

  5. Brian Washt

    Yes, Brexit is a real worry. If hospitals can’t get immigrants from the EU they might have to train and employ more British staff, maybe even increase wages. Like the other progressives here I hope that never happens, we can’t let those Brexit bigots win.

  6. Tired but still standing

    Healthcare shortages certainly are a worry – especially when there is a government predicted shortage: and it takes several years to train staff. Coupled with a decline in new recruits and EU workers shying away from working in the UK now, let alone after Brexit. So yes, new or expanded facilities are welcome (unless its another exorbitant PFI schemes like the one drowning the QE in debt now) but I would hate to think they will ultimately be used in a privatised healthcare system.

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