Woolwich Powis Street changes: Signs of a new street appear

Upgrade work on Woolwich’s main shopping street is continuing as new materials are laid on Powis Street as part of a £25 million project

These photos were taken during the past week and show the outline of a new “road” down the street”.

Powis Street work in Woolwich

There won’t be tarmac upon completion. Well, not according to renders released and submitted for planning approval.

Image showing future street

Whilst many council’s have sought to reduce the visual signs of a road along pedestrianised high streets Greenwich Council have always fought back against that trend.

The previous layout – despite being pedestrianised – still clearly marked a road.

The “road” clearly defined with materials, yellow lines and lined with bollards even in pedestrianised area

There’s no actual need to do this – but whether Greenwich Highways and its management know that is another matter. They seem to reside in the 1980s.

The new layout, much like the old, could be a somewhat futile attempt to dissuade cars parking along and around the town centre though pretty much everyone knows Greenwich parking department staff knock off by about 7pm – if ever seen at all.

This week again amidst construction work various vehicles were parked up. Not workers – it just became a car park again. No sign Greenwich will bother to ensure this newly upgraded area will be maintained.

Last upgrade a decade ago became a car park during work. Similar seen again now

They did the same at the last multi-million pound upgrade just a decade ago. A public square became a car park.

It was never really well looked after and so we go full circle again and another project is under way.

Beresford Square

That brings us onto Beresford Square changes.

Beresford Square

There’s not much difference to be seen compared to a few weeks back.

The cobbled setts are gone. That was the last decade’s millions in funding so forget about it. Bin it and move on. We’re now onto this decades millions.

It will be a high maintenance space.

Good luck seeing Greenwich Council maintaining this

Given Greenwich Council even at this moment aren’t bothering to maintain streets around construction work with cars parked everywhere the odds of them maintaining the area in future again remain slim.

A real shame as £25 million is being spent on this town centre project with most being external funding much like the last project just 10 years ago.

Looking towards Powis Street

Still, if various departments and senior officers remain so lacking in capability little will change. I’d love them to prove me wrong.

If they fail to upkeep they can go looking for the next major project in five years and stay in position.

Sad thing is Woolwich as ever remains stuffed full of potential. Fingers crossed and hope against hope the council departments can somehow drag themselves into some shape to look after it.



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One thought on “Woolwich Powis Street changes: Signs of a new street appear

  • I’ve just been down Powis Street. Totally baffled how long these works are taking. Came across this page to learn that this is a £25 million improvement scheme. Well, I am somewhat concerned about that because Powis Street looks like one huge bodge job to me at the moment. No facility to upload a photo here. Also, I don’t know when these works started, but it was definitely last year…..so a large chunk of that 25 mill must have already gone. I look at the artist’s projections and I swear – it just isn’t going to happen. Everything, everywhere, these days, is going to you know what.


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