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Deptford, Housing

Block of flats planned in Deptford along Creek Road

Greenwich Council’s planning board will next week decide on plans to knock down a low-rise building and replace it with a 26 flat block on Creek Road.

It’s mainly a car free development, as expected in an area short walk from the DLR and Southeastern services plus many bus routes. They’ll be six spaces in total including three for disabled residents.

Once again I have no idea where developers find their transport journey times. They claim Southeastern to London Bridge is 15 minutes on a train. It’s six and will be again when London Bridge reopens soon.

They’ve gone for aluminium panels in places and grey PVC window sills. They almost always look cheap. Entirely clad in brick would add almost nothing to the budget and appear a higher quality.




  1. Andrew

    Interesting but another developer land grab. Block is too high and not in keeping with the rest of the site and area, should be same as the the others in height and style. It would also be annoying if living on the edge of mq as people parking will move to the rest of the development . What services will they put in as a result of this? If you ever caught a se train from deptford to london bridge in six minutes (if you can get on one in the morning) you have done very well indeed!!

  2. anonymous201486

    Surely there must be a rethink on the cladding in light of the catastrophic Grenfell House fire. As you say, the cost of a brick skin would be neglible in terms of costs.

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