More questions raised about Greenwich Council and public space neglect

A few more pics have been sent in showing the condition of Thornham Street estate in Greenwich. I’ll add again that the site has been like this for many years and Greenwich Council have been informed on multiple occasions to no avail.

You’re doing well to find one wall that isn’t falling apart. What the pics don’t show too well is how loose many bricks appear to be and how this could easily cause injury and expensive legal claims.

Here’s large cracks on a six foot wall which was recently covered:

Here’s the other side:

The end of the same wall also appears to be crumbling:

Do Greenwich Council employ anyone who can maintain fencing and walls? Do they have any contract with outside companies for maintenance?

This failure to keep external space in decent condition is common borough-wide, long predates cuts and isn’t seen to the same extent in most other authorities who’ve also faced challenging financial cuts.

If the authority doesn’t care then it attracts a lack of respect for the local environment from some.

These are systemic and chronic failings. Perhaps one reason why is that local politicians seem content in permitting departments to allow this to happen.

I know Greenwich West councillor Mehboob Khan was tweeted a couple of times by others about this and as far as I could tell never responded. Yet could still pump out party propaganda.

He is listed as being appointed to Greenwich Housing Rights on his council page.

How can any local politician not see this simply by walking around? The local Labour councillors are Aidan Smith, Maureen O’Mara and Mehboob Khan. They’re busy campaigning at the moment and visiting areas. It’s hard to believe they’ve not seen this problem recently and in previous years.

Here’s some more pics:

Thornham street estate (10)

In Southwark, to give one example of many, the council used Section 106 money coming from new developments to improve Sceaux estate. Senior Greenwich Council staff have said this wasn’t possible in emails sent to me by readers. Not so. Here’s a screengrab showing Southwark Council’s plans to utilise income from developments to improve the Sceaux estate:

The many, many surrounding new developments around Thornham Street estate bring in many times the amount needed to improve public space and facilities in the estate. £250k would open up the space by removing 6 foot walls which obstruct access, improve walking and cycling links, implement cycle stands and maybe even help with a small commercial unit/stand and play space.

But it’s not possible according to senior staff even though it happens a few miles west. And councillors do little to question it so the problems go on.

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4 thoughts on “More questions raised about Greenwich Council and public space neglect

  • Perhaps another estate earmarked to be sold off , to developers as being to expensive to maintain. And the residents shipped out of the borough .

  • They don’t care. Council staff AND local politians. We are ignored. We tell them about it. They know and do nothing. Now an election is here they turn up for votes but conveniently miss these problems. If they fought then things would happen. But they’re career centered and forget principles. So sad and frustrated

  • Most High Streets a mess. Many estates falling apart and funding to improve goes wandering off to pet projects. The council don’t care. They take their votes for granted or think they won’t bother. Not fit to be called labour as they ignore it with money there to improve if they had the imagination.

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