Woolwich Premier Inn readies for opening

After a tortuous gestation period, the new hotel on the Royal Arsenal site in Woolwich is approaching completion with external cladding now applied.

Work first begun on the hotel around five years ago. The first owners got as far as installing the containers that contained rooms and bathrooms before financial problems set in. It then lay empty for a year or two. Berkeley became involved and work then continued, but not before all containers had to be removed and they started again.

Premier Inn are to operate the hotel. They’ll also be a Beefeater restaurant attached. I wonder if a Costa will be attached? They’re all Whitbread brands.

I had reservations about the external materials used and window size but the end result is better than expected. I don’t think these photos particularly do it justice – it’s a decent contrast to many other buildings on the Arsenal.

Premier Inn’s website still lists opening as May 2017 so final work should be completed imminently.

EDIT: Despite the Premier Inn website stating May it’s now on track for August opening.

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2 thoughts on “Woolwich Premier Inn readies for opening

  • Can’t wait for the opening! Been waiting for five year. Glad Premmier Inn are coming to Woolwich. Good Luck!

  • Any update on the hotel. Is it open yet?


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