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Consultation today on Tesco Lewisham housing development

There is a consultation event taking place today in Lewisham covering the development by Meyer Homes on part of the Tesco site.


The event is at Glass Mill leisure centre today (24th November) from 2-8pm.

It appears that most of the car park is due for development. Whether Tesco construct a multi-storey car park to accommodate parking remains to be seen.

Earlier this year some early renders of the site appeared online:

meyer 2

meyer 3


  1. blocksey

    Dont tesco’s have a multi level car park under their site? who uses those existing car park spaces that are now being built over?

  2. bet they wont pay to open platform 4 exit

  3. Anonymous

    @blocksey: the underground car park for Tesco’s Lewisham is only one level and the surface parking space is rather cramped. In view of the sites’ – the space behind the petrol station has also been sold – proximity to Lewisham stations, car paking could be dispensed with entirely.

    @helloimjoe: of course the platform 4 entrance/exit should be re-opened, but this is probably in the ball court of the franchise holder. I don’t think there is enough room for a barrier and card reader and who wants to stand there and try and see the passes of hordes of rush hour travellers.

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