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Plans for two more towers in Woolwich/Charlton

News of a couple more towers in the area. First up we have Kingsbury’s plans for a 13 storey ‘tower’ at the site of the old Albion pub. Details are thin on the ground. They held an exhibition in January, though I’ve only seen this on twitter:

albion pub tower

Here’s how the site currently appears:

albion site

The tower blocks of Morris Walk estate, seen behind the pub, are to be demolished in coming years as part of the ‘One Woolwich’ scheme. Towers up to 18 storeys will take their place.

Just past this spot is an attractive former pub located on the corner of the roundabout. The former Clancy’s occupied this spot straddling the Woolwich and Charlton border.


It’s one of the few remaining buildings of merit in the area. The site is now up for sale and pre-application documents from September 2015 show an 18-storey tower here with the pub building demolished.

woolwich charlton tower

charlton woolwich tower aerial 2

Clearly, it’s early days, but hopefully any plans in future will retain the fine pub building with a tower instead located behind in the vacant yard, or adjacent on the low rise warehouse site if this could be incorporated into any forthcoming development.

These would join a couple more towers in west Woolwich which have stalled. One is at the former angling club site:

woolwich angling

And another is the last stage of the Mast Quay development near the ferry:

mast quay

With all these towers, plans need to be taken forward to fix the Woolwich Dockyard station bottleneck, whereby it cannot accommodate trains longer than 10 carriages, with effects not only across the entire Greenwich line but many London suburban routes. Greenwich Council are hopefully lobbying Network Rail regarding the bottleneck of short platforms, and working towards a funding plan to solve the issue.

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