More new flats in Deptford?

Deptford is not short of plans for new flats these days. I spotted another one that I havn’t seen before. It’s on Evelyn Street at 402-410.

The planning app is on the site of a car wash next to the entrance to Deptford High Street-

The entrance to Deptford High Street from Evelyn Street/Creek Road is just behind.

Here’s the drawing in the planning documents of the new flats –

Pretty standard stuff. At least it doesn’t have small square windows, or those ribbon like stripes across the facade which I can’t stand. All they do is excessively emphasise width and make a building appear squashed.

The owners of the land also own a building at 227 Deptford high Street which is listed. They say they cannot afford to refurbish it, which is in a poor state, unless these plans are approved. A previous plan was approved in 2003 for half of the site now applied for but was not pursued. Given this history it’s hard to know if this will happen any time soon.

It’s near to another recently completed big block called ‘Drake Apartments’ a few doors down as seen below –

Also nearby is the large block ‘Creekside’, of which part is still under construction, and there are longer term plans for other stages next to the creek. Creekside markets itself in Greenwich when it’s not, and has a greeny translucent like exterior in a bad attempt to mimic the Laban Centre next door. It’s best feature is the gap half way along which affords a view through to the Isle of Dogs when passing on a train.

Just over the creek in Greenwich there is another big scheme on Creek Road. When passing through Greenwich and Deptford on the earlier on the train I thought I saw a new crane that I hadn’t seen before at the site of ‘Capital Quay’. I may be completely wrong on that one though I did read a few months back that construction work was hoping to begin this year. The scheme stalled a couple of years ago after foundation works were complete. If it does begin it should go up pretty quickly. One of the best thing about the scheme is the plans for a new bridge over the Creek. Here’s a render –

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0 thoughts on “More new flats in Deptford?

  • I can confirm that it was indeed a crane you saw at New Capital Quay. It went up over the last couple of days and work has started up again. From what I understand it is now full steam ahead with a 3 year completion date.

    • Yep I skimmed through it and all I could find was a man who lives in Bromley. Not having a big developer attached did rouse my suspicions that it will go anywhere.
      However I have no idea how often individuals or small groups build smallish developments so maybe my skepticism is misplaced?


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