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A look at the planned Greenwich Millenium Village tower beside ecological park

Last week I covered plans for a consultation regarding a 20-storey tower planned for the next stage of Greenwich Millennium “village”. Images of the tower and energy centre are now available.

Below is a map showing different the site. The tower location is in red beside the lake.


It’s a pretty generic design based on this render. A welcome feature is a ground floor commercial unit with outdoor seating beside the park.

A timescale of other future stages is also included, with other mid-rise elements getting underway.


Here’s the planned energy centre:


It’s important to note that the homes here are not part of the 15,600 homes Knight Dragon Masterplan. I often hear Greenwich Council referring to 15,000 homes when talking about the wider area and not just the Knight Dragon area. Questions to TfL about transport from them refer to 15,000 for example.

It’s actually at least 20,000 when GMV’s next stages are considered alongside Enderby Wharf, Precision, River Gardens and AEGs planned tower. Morden Wharf is another vast site that will add to that, and the 20,000 figure doesn’t include 7,500 at Charlton Riverside which is almost adjacent to Greenwich Millennium Village

Click here for consultation information.

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  1. coolunderpressure

    With the vast volume of housing being developed across Charlton and Greenwich Peninsula I wonder if the Royal Borough of Greenwich should consider lobbying now for a future extension of the Bakerloo line beyond Lewisham and into Charlton and Greenwich Peninsula.

    • Walt

      I agree, I suggest we all mention this in the current consultation document ongoing about the bakerloo line..

      • coolunderpressure

        The consultation is only on the first phase of the Bakerloo extension and TfL won’t be swayed by our responses. The main groups that can influence any future extension are the council, local MP’s and developers of these large local schemes. They will all need to make a case for future extension of the Bakerloo line to Greenwich Peninsula as other districts such as Hayes, Bromley and even Eltham have already been mentioned in the past. Better option would be to write to the Royal Borough of Greenwich, your local MP and our representative in the London Assembly.

  2. M Johnson

    Indeed, there seems to be abject short-sightedness and ignorance of transport requirements for the 15 – 20,000 or more additional expecgted people in the area.

  3. Claude

    First of all it’s a bit meh in design. An old term but very suitable in this case. Secondly, and this is really beginning to worry me, is what are we going to do with all these extra people coming in to our borough? As is being regularly pointed out, the transport isn’t going to cope. I know there are local politicians looking at their legacy, but they must be brought to task and explain this. Just allowing more and more homes to be built without a strategy for the transport infrastructure is dangerously foolish. What with the new homes at the Peninsula, Charlton, and the Enderbys, N Greenwich is going to be heaving. The congestion will get worse; as well with the already heaving buses.

  4. h2O@o2

    That’s before we even consider IKEA!!

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