Construction work resumes beside Stratford station

Work to construct a new residential development has commenced again after a period when builders down tools.

For some time the shell of new homes beside Stratford station at Coppermaker Square have sat partly-complete – but finally work to apply the façade has resumed.

Neighbouring blocks

Building has been strung out for some years. The below image shows the building closest to Westfield as it was in 2022 before work seemed to halt.

Taken more than two years ago

Neighbouring parts of the development which have seen cladding applied may include some of the most boring frontages ever seen. Hyperbole? Perhaps. Dull as dishwater exterior? You bet.

Stratford does have a fair bit of competition for what building can induce a stupor the quickest. This is up (down?) there.

Any colour as long as it’s grey

Under a drab old grey sky these don’t lift the spirits.

Now, I won’t be entirely damning of the blocks directly beside Stratford station. Up close it’s half reasonable I suppose. But any further than a few metres and it’s a miserable grey mass.

Slightly better up close

Here’s a view from around on Westfield Avenue looking at the rear block where work has resumed.

Grey sky

To be fair things do improve around here and other sites have a fair bit more imagination and colour on the way to Stratford International station and beyond.

The greatest horror show in Stratford (Unit’s Stratford One) is here but much is fine enough.

Good Lord

It’s just a shame that blocks facing Stratford station’s many platforms and many thousands of daily users have such dreary facades in view.


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    3 thoughts on “Construction work resumes beside Stratford station

    • Stratford station will always be a busy station as it has London Underground Central Line and Jubilee Line, London Overground North London Line, Docklands Light Railway, Elizabeth Line, National Rail (Greater Anglia & c2c) and Buses. Wouldn’t change much at Stratford since the new shopping centre was built and Stratford hosted the London 2012 Olympics.

      • Any old rubbish for East London.

    • Thanks for this good-news update. I look across at those buildings every time I’m on the Elizabeth line platform to Liverpool street station, wondering whether that incomplete eyesore will blight my view forever. I agree – those buildings are grey and wholly uninspiring.


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