Transport for London agree to change Kidbrooke bus services

Transport for London have decided to reroute a number of buses in the Kidbrooke area with services set to run through Pegler Square.

Consultation was undertaken last October and a report has now been published covering issues raised and decisions taken.

Routes 178, 335 and B16 will run through the main square of Kidbrooke Village beside the railway station. Route 178, for example, will no longer take a circulatory route and double back on itself.

Courtesy TfL

Route 178 links Kidbrooke to Lewisham and Woolwich while the 335 heads to North Greenwich. The B16 heads to welling and Bexleyheath.

The 335 is a relatively new route and I took a ride along it when it first begun operation. It’s interesting to look back and see how thousands of homes have either completed or begun since.

A total of 244 responses were made to TfL with a slight percentage expressing approval for each route change rather than disagreement.

Route changes

Some opposition was centred around Pegler Square being suitable. TfL state: “A route test has been undertaken which found Pegler Square suitable for bus operations”.

Major growth

Pegler Square

Pegler Square has seen high density housing rise in recent years as well as shops opening, with a Tesco soon set to join them.

A further large plot named “Central Gardens” is now also underway just off the square, and last week hundreds more homes were approved nearby.

Courtesy Berkeley Homes. Kidbrooke site overview.

Also approaching completion is “Waterlily Court” which lies a short walk south of the square.

A nearby school is set to close this summer and the future of that site remains unknown.



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    2 thoughts on “Transport for London agree to change Kidbrooke bus services

    • It will be good to see more of Kidbrooke Village served by routes 178 335 and B16 when the new routing of these bus routes take place
      It is important that bus services stop closer to people hones so people do not have to far to walk. Making it safer for everyone who uses local bus services.
      It would like to see more investment in improving liocal bus services making them more frequent and more introducing more new local bus routes rather than more superloop limited stop express bus routes.

    • I agree the changes to routes 178 335 and B16 will better serve Kidbrooke Village.
      I also agree improve the local bus network so buses go where people need to get too. Which is mainly more local journeys to work, school, Doctors, hospital appointments etc
      Thamesmead/Abbey Wood area could do with a new bus route to Lewisham Town Centre via Woolwich Charlton and Greenwich to replace the section of route 180 which was cut when route 180 was re-routed to North Greenwich Station.
      However, I do a agree the South Circular should have an express bus route following route 122 between Plumstead and Crystal Palace via Woolwich, Westhorne Avenue, Lee Green, Lewisham, Brockley, Forest Hill and Sydenham. Since the ULEZ extension was introduced.


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