Southeastern passengers see station upgrade as Plumstead lifts open

Southeastern passengers using Plumstead station have seen lifts open as accessibility work completes.

The project funded by the DfT’s Access for All scheme via Network Rail has seen two new lifts installed on both platforms leading to Walmer Terrace and Plumstead High Street.

Welcome though the work is, today’s visit to see the station and take photographs typified why Southeastern Metro needs much more than lifts to appeal to many.

Lift on London-bound platform

Seconds after taking photos seen in this post two people on the bridge started kicking off. No staff to be seen as is typical on SE Metro.

The station was busy but staffing is another story. And as some started screaming and causing issues (two looked completely out of it) it highlighted perfectly that many people won’t use rail here and upgraded stations despite accessibility works if it doesn’t feel safe or welcoming.

As a bloke above me on the bridge was screaming and shouting all I could think was many who move into new homes (let alone existing residents) would see this once and give the station a wide berth.

New lift on Kent-bound platform. 

Now of course this could happen anywhere at anytime, but it really doesn’t help that on SE Metro trains and platforms staffing is so scarce it encourages problems – or at least doesn’t help prevent.

So again what should have been a PR win story for Southeastern becomes a story about what a neglected network the Metro network is.

Of course many media outlets will just rehash the inevitable press release.

Those of us who visit and use stations would see there are no staff present to encourage rail use or prevent people causing issues getting into the station – or helping to assist.

Not taken today but typical of the station with no staff present

It prompted me to see how many issues at stations across the network. A substantial amount do with 58 listed at time of writing. Much is due to a lack of station staff.

The government-owned rail company did state some months ago they are hiring more staff. Still little sign of that at many Metro stations within London.



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2 thoughts on “Southeastern passengers see station upgrade as Plumstead lifts open

  • Nice to see Plumstead station now step-free accessible. Very nice work Network Rail and Southeastern.

  • I see on Southeasterns webpage it says one of the lifts are already out of service!


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