Southeastern’s summer 2024 timetable sees Greenwich line improvements

Changes to train services on the Southeastern network have now appeared online showing a more even spacing of trains on the Greenwich line.

In December 2022 two Southeastern trains per hour through Greenwich were cut. This reduced services from six to four between Deptford and Charlton, and the remaining four services were spaced so two ran very closely together before a 27 minute gap. Quite a drop for a line that had at least trains every 10 minutes for some years.

From June 2024 services will temporarily go back to six per hour between Deptford and Charlton – though this is only while engineering work is ongoing. More on that soon when I hear back from Southeastern.

27 minute service intervals in zone 2 Deptford will improve

It’s then back down to four per hour (two Thameslink and two Southeastern) though service intervals are improved. Not perfect with gaps of 18 minutes remaining but better.

Circular routes

There are no changes to loop line services from Abbey Wood station. The Sidcup line lost their connection in 2022 and trains will continue to head round to the Bexleyheath line.

This is despite Superloop bus route SL3 now heading directly between Bexleyheath station and Abbey Wood station in just over 10 minutes with no stops.

Next stop Bexleyheath station

If Transport for London operated the Southeastern Metro rail network (or anyone else in a cohesive system) this probably wouldn’t happen, but Southeastern is government owned and it’s the Department for Transport’s demand for cuts that saw loop services changed and service cuts.

The loop line change does however help those in Welling who lack a direct bus to Abbey Wood station.

Kent links to Liz line

Another impact of 2022 cuts was an increase in travel time between Kent/Dartford and Abbey Wood for connections to the Elizabeth line.

That is slightly improved from June but gaps of 21 minutes remain.

It was always short-sited that no sooner had the full Elizabeth line opened, trains on Southeastern from Kent and Dartford to Abbey Wood to capitalise on the new line were made worse through service cuts. Since December 2022 it’s been a near half-hour wait for a train from Abbey Wood to Dartford.

Busy Abbey Wood station as people wait nearly half an hour for onward SE train to Dartford after service cuts

Clearly the popularity is there for the Elizabeth line from far and wide but government cutbacks have made connections from Kent frustrating to utilise.

The demand is clear: bus use to Abbey Wood has doubled and many are now driving in (see the daily congestion) and yet rail services from Kent were reduced and long gaps in what does run now exists.

Off the Liz line before a 20+ minute wait.

So while 21 minutes is better than 27, it’s still a pain to arrive at Abbey Wood, cross over and see a 20 minute gap. No wonder people drive or get picked up adding to congestion.

The next timetable change is December 2024. Will the DfT let Southeastern alter loop line services or have services to both Sidcup and Bexleyheath lines?

Another option is to reinstate those two cut services to Dartford enacted in December 2022. Either way, services are still below levels seen for a couple of decades until 2022.

Bexleyheath line

Bexleyheath line services to Charing Cross remain at one per hour

As for the Bexleyheath line, trains to Charing Cross remain at one per hour. The previous two trains per hour service was cut in 2022 with an introduction of a single tph in 2023.

Trains to Victoria will now start at Gravesend instead of Dartford.




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4 thoughts on “Southeastern’s summer 2024 timetable sees Greenwich line improvements

  • The only improvements I and many other Woolwich line users want to see are the return of Charing Cross trains, London Bridge is an awkward interchange and relying only on the Elizabeth line to reach the West End can often be a pain with crowds and delays.

    Thameslink isn’t good enough and is slow and Cannon Street is basically worthless

  • Thank you for your article.

    Lack of Charing Cross trains on the Woolwich branch remains a major pain point. London Bridge interchanges are not simple given the escalator setup nor well timed. Cannon Street is not useful as a sole terminus. Charing Cross is a convenient location for the West End, and especially in demand at evenings/weekends. I do hope Southeastern take note.

  • We do need to see a return of the Charing Cross service on the Woolwich Line. These services were well used for people travelling to the West End. The Charing Cross Station is closed on the Junilee Line. People find it difficult to change trains at London Bridge or use the underground including the Eluzabeth Line due to mobility or other issues. We have also seen the 53 bus route cut back from the West End to Whitehall and as sincr been cut back further to Lamberth North. Leaving the Woolwich area with out a direct bus service to Central London and the West End.
    So the Charing Cross services are important and should be reinstated on the tometable.

    • Hi Graham & others in the comments. Just seen and been reading all your comments about lack of Charing Cross trains on the Woolwich Line, a few weeks ago I went and spoke to the ‘Head of Planning Team’ at one of the ‘Meet the Managers sessions’ unfortunately I asked the question; Will their be a return of Charing Cross trains on the Woolwich Line? And he said that’s not going to happen anytime soon, it’s right at the bottom of their priorities, so it’s not looking good for the foreseeable future on that line, hope this helps give you a clearer idea with the future of the Woolwich Line.


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