Further event coming on proposed 660-home Woolwich development

Berkeley Homes are set to hold an online event covering their proposed development of 660 homes.

A previous event highlighted details of a long-standing plan for part of Maribor Park along Beresford Street. The development has been named “Ropeyards” with the online event set for 21st February.

One new detail was the removal of a building previously approved as part of a outline application.

Outline plans from 2013. Block K1 now dropped

That structure was located close to Beresford Street at the south east tip of this phase.

Forthcoming buildings will sits amongst the Premier Inn hotel and the Catholic Club which is set for replacement with 298 student rooms.

Catholic Club set for demolition. Area on right will lead to green space leading towards Thames


Big things are made of “1253 cycle spaces encouraging sustainable transport” though the adjacent Berkeley towers to the north have been built so close to the road there’s not actually any space for a cycle lane along Woolwich High Street as things stand.

Thus the quickest and most logical cycle route through Woolwich town centre when heading from east to west in order to connect with Cycleway 4 is not included in Transport for London plans for a new cross-town cycle route.

Towers built close to road thus limited space to include cycle lanes

That can still be rectified but needs funding to re-work Woolwich High Street. Despite many developments here, TfL nor Greenwich Council seem willing to do so.

For new residents to meet Cycleway 4 there’s two options: A less direct route to the Thames then past the Waterfront or through Macbean Street then Powis Street through busy shopping areas.

Proposed route ignores Woolwich High Street and parts of Beresford Street alongside new housing

However the Waterfront is closing in 2025 which may block cycling along the river for some time.

In addition though it’s somewhat hard to tell before a full planning application, reaching the Thames by bike to reach Cycleway 4 looks to be through an area with no dedicated lanes.

Courtesy Berkeley. Proposed green space leading to river. No cycle lanes?

It’s likely the most appealing route not only for forthcoming residents at Ropeyards but also others across a wider area would be a safe, direct lane along Beresford Street and then Woolwich High Street. The one not being proposed.

A planning application is expected in spring this year.



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    3 thoughts on “Further event coming on proposed 660-home Woolwich development

    • All this new work in Woolwich that is on going, I have inquired information on most of the employees that not one of them come from Woolwich or surrounding location. ie (Plumstead Charlton Greenwich Eltham or Abbey Wood.)
      My trade is bricklaying but I have also been in management and by law every construction site should have at least 70% local workers???
      why isn’t some one from council enforcing this law.

      • That’s shocking Chris. I wasn’t aware of this law but it’s a good idea since the new-builds will be out of the price range of Woolwich residents, at least the construction should benefit residents.

      • I agree Chris Mortis and thank you for alerting us to this employment rule. But it is Greenwich Council and and there off shoot Greenwich Local Labour and Business (GLlaB) who do a lot of the recruitment on behalf of companies working in the Borough we are talking about. They should be monitoring this but clearly are not which comes as no surprise at all.


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