Latest look at Silvertown tunnel construction and new road network

Time once again now for a look at the Silvertown tunnel and how its new road network are shaping up.

It’s due to open in little over a year in spring-summer 2025 and since my last post I’ve been back up the cable car a couple of times.

Compared to last time the road network close to Canning Town has further taken shape as has construction on the control tower over the tunnel mouth.

Tunnel roads and structures take shape

I initially thought part of the road may even be open to traffic given the vehicles using it which didn’t appear to be for construction, but after a number drove off and nothing else came along.

A flyover carrying Silvertown Way to the north of the tunnel was closed at the end of 2023 but since reopened with seen alterations and new tarmac laid.

Silvertown Way links two major areas of new development in Canning Town and Silvertown to the east of the tunnel.

Looking east to new development

However most traffic is expected to head to and from the Lower Lea Crossing towards Canary Wharf, East India Dock Road and Blackwall.

New homes

Up on the cable car the elevated vantage point shows a wide number of development sites visible including Deanston Wharf’s 800 homes, with the site now branded as “Riverscape”.

To the west, Canning Town has bulked up an enormous amount over the past decade.

Crown Wharf

Those plans keep coming with 871 homes approved just before Christmas. Limmo Peninsula too is set to see 1,500 homes.

In the midst of tunnel construction work and new roads sits the long-proposed site a DLR station named Thames Wharf. However no funding is confirmed for its construction.

Proposed Thames Wharf DLR station site.

In early 2023 TfL stated: “At present TfL does not have funding to progress Thames Wharf station beyond this current stage of development.

“Government funding and/or a developer contribution would be required for Thames Wharf station to be implemented. At present such funding is not available and as consequence TfL are not able to provide timescales for the implementation of Thames Wharf.”

Despite claiming no funds for the station TfL have found money for the new road tunnel of £186 million.

Silvertown tunnel costs in 2023. Net estimated financial Cost set at £186 million

That £186 million excludes the almost £2 billion in main construction and maintenance costs.

The station is reliant upon adjacent development which hasn’t been possible due to tunnel construction.

The below image shows the expansive roundabout and junctions leading to and from the tunnel, which take up a sizeable amount of land.

Road network upon completion.

With work still ongoing on the tunnel’s fit-out and control tower, further changes will be evident throughout 2024 in advance of opening by summer 2025.

When it does open it will be tolled alongside the Blackwall tunnel which is supposed to alleviate.

Silvertown tunnel road network takes shape

Opponents state it will induce further demand for vehicle use.


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    • Thames Wharf DLR station should also be built to serve new apartments and new development.


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