Eltham to Bromley bus route going electric

Bus route 314 is set to see electric buses in 2024 after a new tender was awarded.

Stagecoach have been given the next contract to operate from 2024 with new electric buses due on the route.

The 314 is a busy little route that uses single deckers due to narrow roads and bridges en route.

Electric buses on route 180 introduced in recent years

I’ve used it frequently over the years and it does get very busy as it runs between Eltham and Bromley.

One frequent issue is it tends to get stuck in traffic at Fiveways junction which hampers progress.

There are now more than 1,000 electric buses operating in London.

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5 thoughts on “Eltham to Bromley bus route going electric

  • I think TfL should consider removing the southbound right turn on Green Lane to help get rid of the conflicting movements that do not help traffic clear on Fiveways junction. This might help improve journey times on the 314.

  • I assume you mean the northbound right hand turn? The Fiveways lights are biased towards those going London bound on A20 and northbound on Green Lane so buses turning on to Southwood Rd should be fine. Getting out of Southwood Rd can take a while due to the short green cycle for that arm.

    (That the whole junction is horrible for pedestrians is an entirely different matter.)

  • Route 314 does get very busy between Eltham and Bromley. I am pleased Stagecoach retained the route at Bromley Garage and will be introducing new electric buses on to route 314.

    I was also surprised to read that route P4 Lewisham to Brixton will be switching from Stagecoach To Go Ahead London Central using existing diesel single decker buses from April 2024.. I would have thought this route would have been in line to have received new electric buses or at least hybrids.

    • Express Superloop Route SL3 is due to start operation between Bromley and Thamesmead using new routemaster (Boris buses) on the 24/02/2024. Initially route SL3 will be operated by Stagecoach London (Bromley Garage).


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