Greenwich Park bandstand to be renovated

Image courtesy Paul Wilkinson under Creative Commons 2.0.

Plans are in to renovate the bandstand in Greenwich Park after  number of issues were discovered in the the structure.

Work to the bandstand will see “the repair and redecoration of the Bandstand to reverse issues contributing to fabric deterioration and dilapidation, reduce maintenance and secure the future of the asset”.

The structure dates from 1891 and located to the south east of Great Cross Avenue.

Roof of bandstand

Opening shows pulled in sizable crowds with the opening concert in June 1891 seeing 5,000 people attend a performance by the Northumberland Fusiliers Band from Woolwich barracks.

The bandstand still hosts concerts with a summer program from the Friends of Greenwich Park in association with the Royal Parks.


According to a Heritage Statement within the application: “The design is an adaption of a standard design offered by the Coalbrookdale Company and the cast iron columns and other iron elements were manufactured by them. The columns area also stamped Deane & Co, London who appear to have been the main contractor”.

Changes have been made since construction with “the original suspended timber flooring has been replaced with concrete and the sub-floor void has been filled in.

Damage visible. Courtesy The Royal Pakrs

Most Victorian bandstands were constructed on raised suspended timber floor intended to act as sound boxes and amplify the sound.”


In the recent past render and timber have been falling off.

Inspections have revealed issues in a number of areas including “Holing due to impact damage and development of stress cracks in the copper roof sheeting allowing water ingress and suspected rot in the roof sarking boards and ceiling sheeting.”

The Royal Parks are undertaking a number of changes across the park including recreating “giant steps” in front of the General Wolfe statue.

Greenwich Park work. Courtesy The Royal Parks

Plans for restoration can be viewed by clicking here.


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