Mural painted near Woolwich ferry and infamous tower

A mural has been painted on a large wall lining Woolwich ferry car park.

The site sits close to the Mast Quay towers which Greenwich Council have pushed to be demolished after developer Comer Homes ignored numerous planning conditions.

Opposite mural is this masterpiece

It could well be an attempt to cheer up the area. Just don’t look over there!

Blank wall facing new mural

No matter how many times you see it the sheer cheapness  of these blocks is something else.

Real bottom of the barrel “design”, if you can even call it that.


The mural joins a number of others appearing as part of a town centre project.

Mural sites across Woolwich

However, the Woolwich ferry site is not listed as part of that project.

Not all are. Another has been painted at the western end of Powis Street at the base of a building that has just seen yet another application in regards to a pub conversion.

Another new mural on left

Other sites include Bernard Close which links Sainsbury’s and Calderwood Street to Powis and Hare Streets.

It’s named ‘Area Of Prosperity’ and was created by Haffeera Cader Saul and Nightingale Primary School.

River scene

The mural depicts a scene on the Thames alongside riverside industry in the town.


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