Woolwich tower core now up as development moves ahead

Tower number five of six at a Woolwich riverside development has seen its core shoot up in recent weeks.

This is Berkeley’s Thames-side development on the former Waterfront leisure centre car park which was sold by Greenwich Council to the group around 15 years ago.

For some time it appeared touch and go as to whether the final two towers would be placed on hiatus, as progress seemed to slow and Berkeley announced some sites would be put on the back burner.

Render of complete development. Rather fanciful street level view.

However, it is now underway in this densely packed spot beside Woolwich High Street.

Towers three and four also move closer to completion with balconies attached.

New towers

Each has a slightly different colour scheme. The newest facing Woolwich High Street is copper in appearance.

Core of tower close to the Waterfront

Commercial space is located at the base of one block facing Woolwich High Street.


Commercial space

Very little pavement space is left at the base of the block – which also ensures minimal if any space for a cycle lane if an express bus ever arrives here along the lines of the ditched Greenwich Waterfront Transit.

Ideally this route would have one general traffic lane, one bus lane and a segregated cycle lane.

This view below is taken beside the relatively recent Callis Yard tower.

North Woolwich to rear

Behind and over the Thames a North Woolwich development is visible. There’s more coming in that area.

That got me wondering; will residents walk under the Thames to use the Elizabeth line or walk north for the DLR?

Given the foot tunnel lifts are usually out of action, that could well make the tunnel a less than appealing option.



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One thought on “Woolwich tower core now up as development moves ahead

  • Thanks for the coverage as always. Any clues as to what comes next? Their website seems to have nothing about plans for the extending over the site of the soon to be replaced leisure centre, or across Woolwich high street to clear out the tired old buildings on the south side. Are there plans for the road to transformed/re-routed?


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