New bridge installed for Southeastern passengers at Bexley station

Network Rail have put out a press release highlighting work for step-free access at Bexley station.

The company appear to think Bexley is still in Kent, mind, and appear to have not noticed it became part of Greater London in 1965.

The station has had a subway under the tracks since opening back in 1866. Now there’s a lift negating the need to use stairs.

Lifted into place

The project is part of the Department of Transport’s (DfT) Access for All project which has been running for 17 years now and seen similar at other stations.

At this very moment lifts are also being installed at Plumstead.

Building work in Plumstead

In terms of design it’s your standard Network Rail modular set-up at Bexley. It’s always worth a look to see the cursory nods to local design when they put these in.

Similar design at New Eltham station but no roof

In Bexley they’ve gone a bit further than most to be contextual with yellow brick and white timber cladding referencing the appearance of the main station building.

They wanted to do the same at Plumstead and remove a lovely old bridge until people asked was demolition really needed? Turns out it wasn’t.

Plumstead bridge will now remain

Unfortunately after a number of cuts to rail services ordered by government, the services actually calling are the worst in many years.

That goes for both Bexley and Plumstead stations.

Bexley station sign on High Street (not the station building)

Work will not complete at Bexley until spring 2024.

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    One thought on “New bridge installed for Southeastern passengers at Bexley station

    • Not before time – the subway at Bexley station has always been a bit damp and skanky.

      But as for Bexley still being in Kent after the change to Greater London in 1965, I was advised by Royal Mail in 1997 that my address in Belvedere was in Kent even though the borough is clearly an outer London one. Perhaps both are correct.


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