Taking the 180 bus – and how south east London keeps changing

Despite a general downturn in house across the country – despite huge demand for new homes – a few bus trips recently have really brought to light how many development there now are underway.

In particular, the 180 route gives a good overview of many. Not just those planned or recently completed, but actually now in progress.

Old pic before route changed to Erith

So without further ado, let’s hop on at north Greenwich and take a look.

Greenwich peninsula

The first you’d pass on our glorious 180 journey (though perhaps not if you get the eight year diesels on the route – try to get the electric) is Knight Dragon’s plot to the east of the peninsula. Three cranes are now up as work is finally in full swing.

This plot was revised up in total homes and part of Knight Dragon’s upwardly revised 17,000+ home masterplan.

Plot 19.05

Here’s cranes visible from a 180 bus journey:

Towers beside St Mary Magdalene school

Not too far south we get to the site of nearly 500 homes now underway beside a school which recently opened.

Now underway

No cranes yet but the piling rigs are on site:

Greenwich Millennium Village

The next stop along shows work nearing completion on the next phase of GMV.

These blocks are nearly finished with residents set to move in shortly.


Ah, the Charlton riverside masterplan. Long in planning but little happening, until now.

This block is now underway after gaining the developer gained approval on appeal. Greenwich said it was too tall. The inspector disagreed.

I’m not even including smaller plots in this post as it’d never end, so no Victoria pub refurbishment and extension next to the site.

Work underway on Charlton block

Woolwich estate rebuild

Then onto Woolwich and we see building work on the old Morris Walk estate.

Here’s what’s coming north of the railway line:

Here’s the view of blocks rising.

Woolwich Berkeley homes tower

Head just a bit further east and after passing completed blocks at Mast Quay (altered in design and built without permission) we see the next towers beside the Thames.

The finished article here:

Six towers approved in area

As for now, the core of a fifth tower is now up as blocks three and floor move towards completion.

In Woolwich town centre we also see the new leisure centre site. Almost 500 homes due as part of this too.

Work underway

College rebuild in Plumstead

We then pass the block built by Meridian Homes recently covered on this site:

Almost complete

No sooner are we passing the college site in Plumstead with around 300 homes due. Here’s what’s coming to this spot:

College set for rebuild

And here’s how the site now is. Piling underway.

Thamesmead care home

Now the next bit is a bit of a stretch as we don’t pass directly on a 180, but cranes can be made out as work is underway. This site before Broadwater Dock will see 333 homes coming to Thamesmead.

333 homes coming to former care home in Thamesmead

Lombard Square

Then one of the biggest developments of the lot. What was 1,750 homes was recently increase to nearly 2,000.

Lombard Square

Here’s the current view near Plumstead bus garage.

This is a major scheme on both sides of the one-way system, though only the pictured area is underway.

Then onto Abbey Wood. There’s a recently completed tower so we won’t include that (though it appears many have yet to move in) nor the 272 homes planned at a former car wash in Abbey Wood.

We’ll also skip Southmere Village’s very recently completed new blocks.


And yes, work is finally underway on Binsey Walk visible from the 180 bus – just about – with 329 homes coming here.

Binsey Walk plans

We’re heading east now, and heading to another area due for thousands of new homes included in Bexley Council’s Growth Strategy.

Plenty of other sites in Belvedere Erith with plans approved or recently submitted, but as they’re not yet underway we won’t include them.


But this one is. This is the Erith Quarry site.

View upon completion

And recent photos of building work:

Homes at Erith Quarry. Other sites have recently completed or underway

And so we now reach the recently extended terminus of the venerable old 180 route.

On this one bus route heading from north Greenwich to Erith we’ve passed many, many sites now actually underway with boots on the ground.

That’s thousands of much needed homes. And we’ve not included those recently completed or set to begin. Add those in and we’d be here all day.

That’s the thing about running a website covering change in south east London. It’s always changing – and always will.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    5 thoughts on “Taking the 180 bus – and how south east London keeps changing

    • SE London keeps on changing and yet both the Tory Government and the Labour mayor still treat this part of the city as the poorest and unwanted relative, we’ve had severe cuts from SE trains with no sign of improvements any time soon.

      I still say the 180 changes are largely pointless, hardly anyone from Erith goes to North Greenwich despite TfL’s outlandish claims that hordes of Erith commuters will head to North Greenwich despite Abbey Wood for the Elizabeth line being right on their doorstep, TfL clearly thought it was 1999/2000 when the Jubilee line extension opened.

      As for the 180 west of Woolwich it’s now a duplicate of the 427 pretty much, I still say it should have been a Lewisham-Woolwich route with a new eastern route covering North Greenwich to Erith, the 177 struggles in the peaks and school run in the Charlton-Greenwich area

    • It’s an unreasonable ask, but have you totalled how many of these new homes are (a) shared ownership (b) varieties of leasehold (c) freehold (d) rental? Makes some difference to how new residents invest in their community…

      • I’ve covered each and looked through the housing tenure when each

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    • South East London always has been the forgotten part of London. Whether by the Government, TFL, Mayor of London and Labour Councils. As we are approaching elections in 2024 We are hearing a lot of promises which will fall by the wayside once the elections are over. Nothing ever changes.


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