Lewisham town centre’s transformation continues to take shape

Anyone passing through Lewisham station recently can’t have failed to see the mammoth changes taking shape around the area as a couple of major developments approach completion.

Certain vantage points on the platform now offer views which have radically changed in recent years.

New builds surround station

Aside from the Citibank tower, all blocks seen above are new.

In recent years a student tower with associated affordable housing in an adjacent block has completed alongside early phases of Lewisham Gateway.

Recently completed Vita tower

That development located beside Platform 1 contains the shell of a new station entrance, but Southeastern and Network Rail have not paid for it to be fitted out.

Another station entrance has long existed beside Platform 4 and new developments north of the station though remains shuttered around 10 years after it was closed.

Closed around 10 years ago depriving thousands of link to station

Despite mass housing growth, two possible station entrances will not be in use as thousands of people move to the area.

It’s not just 335 homes at the Meyer Homes blocks on Tesco’s former car park now being built beside Platform 4 that won’t benefit, but thousands moving to 1,200 homes at the redeveloped Heathside and Lethbridge estates alongside existing residents.

Overview of estate redevelopment

It seems to boil down to no one wanting to pay for staffing needed. A common occurrence on Southeastern Metro.

While TfL-run Docklands Light Railway services are set to increase from Lewisham in coming years, central government operated Southeastern have reduced choice and services despite proximity and quick links to London Bridge, the City and West End.

Base of 35-floor tower seen beside station. Smaller block seen on left

Even at the level of signage and making the respective network’s presence known, TfL are miles ahead of Southeastern. Giant signs proclaiming the DLR contrast with little on the rail side.

Large DLR signs and roundels abound. Lewisham Gateway phase one tower on right. Left block is Meyer Home’s on other side of station

Lewisham Gateway.

Cladding is also starting to appear now on buildings closest to Lewisham station at the major Lewisham Gateway set to comprise 649 homes, shops and a cinema.

Block C1 close to previous phase

Upon completion people can leave the station and walk through a pedestrianised street avoiding busy roads, with one crossing then needed to reach the High Street and shopping centre – which is also set to be rebuilt.

The main tower element of this phase of Lewisham Gateway phase two looks all but complete with cladding being applied to an ascending block beside bus stops.

Cladding now going on Block D1

The tower is rather drab and grey, and all looks a bit too busy. Garish gold balcony railings don’t help.

Compared to the fussy exterior at Lewisham Gateway, Meyer Home’s block the other side of the station with its basic façade stands up well.

Tower will be tallest in Lewisham

No tacked-on balcony’s too fortunately.

As for the separate Lewisham Gateway’s phase two, I’ll await judgement until complete.

Lewisham Gateway overview shows pedestrian link through site from station towards High Street

There certainly are positive elements to all these new blocks in the form of new homes during population growth and strong demand, associated social housing, new shops and commercial units in an area that doesn’t have a wonderful night time economy.

Commercial unit open. Hopefully the first of many in area

All those new residents will help the High Street’s vitality to boot, with it also set to see £24 million in investment.

Plans to revamp the town centre

So a bright future I’d say for the town. Lots of new people living locally means lots of life alongside wider investment. The town has some lovely buildings to boot that will hopefully be revamped in years to come.



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5 thoughts on “Lewisham town centre’s transformation continues to take shape

  • Lewisham Town Centre is now unrecognisable with all the the new buildings. With more under construction. I have to say being in a Central location to amenities and Lewisham Station. I think the new homes will be popular as will the student accommodation block.

    I would still like to see further investment in local bus services as more residents move in. Along with the proposed new Lewisham Shopping Centre. With shops open later in the evenings and for longer on Sundays to help the wider local economy.

  • Have been born and bred and lived in the area for nearly seventy year I have to disagree lewisham is now an awful place, what was needed was investment in the shopping area which used to be brilliant but the council just let it die

  • Lived in lewisham for 30 years. Last went there about three years ago and was shocked at how awful it was. Looking at it now is like looking at Croydon where I now live. They are both concrete dumps

  • I have to agree with you Eileen the same thing happened with Woolwich Town Centre under Greenwich Council.


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