American restaurant chain look to open in Woolwich

American chicken restaurant Popeyes are looking to open in Woolwich as part of a UK-wide expansion program.

The company was founded in the States back in 1972 and are now embarking on a program to open across this country, with 17 branches currently open.

The unit at 47-49 Powis Street is currently occupied by “The Wow Factor” and sits next door to Artfix. Opposite the site sits a branch of Nando’s.

Popeyes company operates in 30 countries with thousands of branches worldwide.

Taco Bell nearby

This stretch in Woolwich also saw US fast food giant Taco Bell open last year.

German Donor Kebab also set up shop.





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    5 thoughts on “American restaurant chain look to open in Woolwich

    • Worrying aspect is the incresing demand for chicken as fast food by huge corporates. This inevitably leads to factory production of Chickens. I purposedly exclude the word ‘farmed’ since this bears no relatrionship to farming. It is increasingly blamed for river pollution in areas such as Walews. Chicken effluent when procued at scale has a big problem, how to deal wih the immense volume of ‘chicken shit’. Let alone the inhumane aspects of vast volume chicken factories. The young jump at Chicken shops, but few have been exposed to the cruelty. It needs to become an ‘uncool’ thing to do to rely on cheap chicken meat for sustenance after school etvc.

    • Apologies for misspellings and grammatical errors, didn’t have enough time to edit before the post goes up! I would edit as going along but for some reason using a Chromebook the space for typing is too narrow to read! A tech issue John?

    • I think someone out there is listening (to me), or at least are interested in the same ventures I am if I could afford them. I’m from Canada and have mentioned bringing Popeye’s to the UK and how successful it would be considering there are so many questionable chicken shops out there.
      How did you find out this was Popeye’s John? I tried to open the links in the planning permission app but the site is a bit wonky on my mobile

      • I found it in one of the documents and it wasn’t prominent at all. Can’t remember off the top of my head. Viewing planning apps on a phone isn’t the easiest. I knew I’d seen some popping up recently so had a Google and saw they’d launched expansion program.

    • Completely agree with you. The sheer volume of chicken that must be consumed in in the uk as fast food alone is truly disturbing. Particularly as you say, in such a gratuitous way like as an after school snack. The problem is people see meat as simply a product, they’re completely detached from the reality of where it comes from and how it’s produced.


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