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A big thanks to all who support the site

Last week I launched a little Christmas appeal to help with funding the site and since then around 20 people have contributed.

A big heartfelt thanks to each of you and to all others who have supported me previously or do so regularly as a patron.

If you can help you can become a monthly supporter here (starting at a couple of quid) or make a on-off payment at Paypal here or buy me a coffee at Ko-Fi here.

Many thanks and here’s to many more stories in 2020.


  1. CDT

    Your very welcome Murky. Here is wishing you a very Happy and Successful New Year. Keep up your excellent good work throughout 2020 informing us of local information that affects us all.

  2. Keep on shining a light into the murky corners of local government and big developer.

  3. Hi, If ever any of my pictures are useful for illustrating a story you are welcome to use them free of charge … just ask

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