Disorder in Greenwich Peninsula tonight

There has been disorder tonight in Greenwich Peninsula with fireworks launched at members of the public and buildings.

Witnesses report a reasonably large group and the public targeted.

In recent years similar incidents occurred in Woolwich. It appears that action such as fencing off large areas of Woolwich simply move the problem rather than address underlying issues.

Some locals in Greenwich tonight have been critical of police who they state have failed to act, with some stating they even left the scene.

Similar arguments were made in Woolwich in the past couple of years, which caused those involved to become bolder and issues spiralled.

It does seem a bizarre strategy to take a softly-softly approach when issues are happening – from a relatively small number who are putting others at risk – and then subsequently punish everyone by fencing off large areas of public space.

If you witnessed anything email fromthemurkydepths@gmail.com

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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

4 thoughts on “Disorder in Greenwich Peninsula tonight

  • I’m not surprised the problem moved either as that was likely to happen. However I do think the best is being done by the police they can with the resource they have. I am sure their resource is being stretched to the max tonight unnecessarily – they may have left the scene to something even worse. Where are the council? What happened to the ‘nighttime officers I used to see in Woolwich, I’ve not seen them in months. If they can’t have them perhaps the counsellors should show their faces.
    My disappointment is with Royal Greenwich Council’s apparent attitude change since the leadership changed at the election to the current – in appearing to work with external stakeholders to give a joined up message to residents affected and so everyone understands in advance what’s happening. The communication in my opinion to residents under the previous leader was amazing compared to any other council I lived in over 20 years and 9 councils and it appeared they Greenwich cabinet tried to work with external stakeholders (police, health etc to find solutions and told us). What I personally feel since the leadership and cabinet change is that communication on everyday matters from Greenwich council seem to have dropped off a cliff and they just promote the ‘smiley things’. If really pushed on something bad it seems they communicate way too late or after the event even in some cases and the tone has changed to passing responsibility elsewhere to deflect negative away from the council. For example, the fencing of the square – whatever the opinion on the right thing or not to do, their eventual media statement after putting up the barriers says it’s a ‘police request’ as if they are just doing what they are told and have no say or involvement. They are the ones who should be driving this stuff and working to improve these things and if they felt they had no choice they still should have announced it before hand and release a statement surely to us residents. I mean they didn’t think we wouldn’t ask surely?! The engagement is just terrible. I hope it turns out to just be poor communication and not that they are just working on the things that put them in a good light.
    I know you didn’t always see eye to eye on views with the previous leaders for other aspects but I get the impression you are seeing the same drop off in communication from them from wording in this article. Rant over, but poor comms is just not excusable in my opinion and it’s got my goat at the moment!

  • Maybe if the posher parts of the borough get more trouble it might get taken more seriously…

  • The peninsula is pretty posh though.
    A lot of this antisocial behaviour goes on far more regular in the poorer parts (e.g. Thamesmead) but goes unreported.

  • I read that as:
    “-long story-
    Poor communication is inexcusable.
    Something about a goat.”


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