Greenwich Peninsula crime spike causes alarm

A number of incidents across Greenwich Peninsula in recent days have caused concern among residents as shops have seen robberies and a number of cars broken into.

Two co-ops in the area were closed last night after reported armed robberies.

That follows a number of vehicles being damaged in underground car parks in preceding days.

Concerns are also present over robberies along the Thames path.


Some residents have expressed concern over what is perceived as a weak response from police.

Greenwich Council have announced an event via their company DG Cities. It does have the whiff of reinventing the wheel at public expense rather than directly spending to address the issue.

Locals complain of contacting authorities and gaining no response, yet Greenwich are paying their own company to conduct an event to:

Concern around Greenwich Millennium Village

“Find out your experiences of crime, how you currently report it and your barriers to reporting it. The workshop aims to:

– Give residents and opportunity to discuss their experiences with crime on the Peninsula.

– Understand what stops you from reporting crime on the Peninsula

– Understand potential solutions to report crime and prevent it.”

DG Cities

DG Cities is a wholly owned Greenwich Council company. It’s the only area that has ever seen Community Infrastructure Levy funding aside from Crossrail.

Recently the council made a big issues of using them to address anti social behaviour on Barnfield Estate such as dumping rubbish, stating “The Royal Borough of Greenwich has commissioned DG Cities to design and implement a behaviour change and innovation campaign to tackle illegal fly-tipping in the area.”

Given there’s areas of the borough where flytipping is endemic almost daily (the council pick it up but never enforce via hidden cameras, for example) does scarce funding need to go on “projects” via their own companies?

Grotty streets and poor for pedestrians. Greenwich though have other ideas of how to spend money locally

I could show them a number of spots where for 15 years in Abbey Wood rubbish is dumped extremely regularly and they’ve never bothered to put a camera up to track offenders.

But a trial via their own company? Take the money!

Previously DG Cities spent money on driverless car trials on the Peninsula and “innovative” ways to travel. Meanwhile the authority had no money for simple projects to upgrade pedestrian links around the Peninsula.

Dire streetscape and pedestrian links while money spent on driverless cars

One does wonder if this is the next GLLaB and will swallow ever more funding in years to come.


Then of course there’s central Government cuts which have impacted police budgets heavily since 2010.

To stave off job losses, police stations were sold off across London. That saw Greenwich police station sold alongside Westcombe Park to name but two.

Greenwich police station now demolished. Picture courtesy of Ken – Creative Commons – CC BY-NC 2.0

Eventually selling off assets could only stem the flow of cuts in London for so long, so officer numbers were reduced.

That is now changing, but given the vast increases in both overall London and local population numbers, police officer numbers per head of population remain far below 2010 levels.




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4 thoughts on “Greenwich Peninsula crime spike causes alarm

  • Very timely article. In your view, what is the best way to hold the Council and police to account and get them to act about the recent crime spree?

  • What’s painted here is a dismal situation. A local council thats unable & unwilling to respond to its obligations to societal needs. How does one address this? Vote in others? Take direct action? Organise cooperation amongst residents? Move out to somewhere else?

  • @ M. I have to agree with you.

    The new Labour Administration on Greenwich Council are just as bad if not worse than the previous Labour Administration they replaced.

    They do not listen to or act upon residents concerns. As M stated they need to meet their obligations of societal needs.

    They also need to take crime and anti social behaviour much more seriously in the In Borough along with local Police Teams..

    Sadly I can only see things going from bad to worse in Greenwich Borough which is a real shame as we live a great Borough with ha lot of history and open spaces..

  • Greenwich is now like the wild west along with Lewisham .These thugs are getting away with robbing people
    and smashing cars purely because they know nothing will happen to them . It will only get worse The police and the council has to do something to protect the general public regardless of cuts.


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