Lewisham to Catford cycling and pedestrian route consultation begins

Transport for London have launched a consultation into cycling and pedestrian provision between Lewisham and Catford.

Changes to the A21 were implemented in September 2020 under an 18-month Experimental Traffic Order.

In February 2022 TfL extended measures for a further 18 months with a consultation set to commence after six months – which brings use to the present day.

Alterations made in 2020 ran from Lewisham town centre near the shopping centre along Molesworth Street to Lewisham High Street then south past Lewisham Hospital towards Catford town centre.

TfL issued this graph in February showing cycling usage numbers:

Changes according to TfL

TfL present a list of changes made:

  • Existing bus lanes are now operational 24 hours a day/seven days a week (with permitted access for cycles, motorcycles and taxis)
  • Introduced a new bus stop bypass between the junctions of Longbridge Way and Ladywell Road to protect people cycling and provide further pavement space for pedestrians
  • A 20mph speed limit has been introduced throughout the scheme.
  • There are 490m of protected cycle space, including lightly segregated cycle lanes using ‘wands’ along Molesworth Street and parts of Lewisham High Street
  • There are approximately 150m of new bus lanes
  • We have banned a right turn into Wildfell Road for southbound traffic
  • Four side roads have been made exit only (except cycles): Rosenthal Road, Felday Road, Roxley Road and Mount Pleasant road
  • 80m of parking and loading bays have been removed from the A21; 20m of which have been relocated to side roads. Furthermore, there are existing loading bays on side roads close enough to be used as alternatives
  • One pelican crossing has been converted to a toucan crossing, which can be used by both pedestrians and cyclists

Cycle lanes running on this stretch sit between two major areas of development in London – much of which is car-free.

Lewisham has seen and will continue to see numerous towers and high density housing rise.

Taken May 2022

This site has covered much of Lewisham’s current changes and proposed future changes – such as 2,500 homes on the current shopping centre.

Catford too will see thousands of homes and radical changes to its one-way road system in years to come.

Potential changes in Catford in years to come

One aim of the cycle lane is to make it easy for new residents – as well as existing – to travel by bike.

In late 2021 Barratt Homes begun consultation on mixed-use development including 600 homes on a town centre retail park in Catford.

To read documents and complete the questionnaire click here.

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  • I downloaded the consultation, but haven’t opened the link yet. Whatever we want, TfL will impose it’s will.🙄


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