BexleyCo begins plan to build on Erith park as preliminary work starts

Residents in Erith have spotted workers on site at a park Bexley Council have decided to build over on West Street.

The park is located in a densely populated area surrounded by both existing and new homes.

New block to be built over park

Bexley Council’s housing company BexleyCo gained approval to build on the site without including any “affordable” homes.

Ironically BexleyCo’s slogan is “country living in London” despite building over not just this park in Erith but another in Bexley borough at Old Farm Road in Sidcup.


What makes this application controversial is the density of homes in the area and the lack of other greenery within the area.

Many controversies have arisen over building on parks but often there is sizable greenery in very close proximity – but that isn’t the case in this part of Erith.

Courtesy Google. Park to be built on in Erith

There’s a small patch to the north though given the number of residents it’s grossly inadequate.

This site first covered plans to build back in 2019. As stated then, part of the area that is set to see trees felled and greenery removed will become a car park.

Despite the council’s housing company failing to include a single affordable home in the development, they state it’s too expensive to build undercroft parking and so parking must be located on greenery.

Compounding the issue, Bexley Council have approved building on green space while making little effort to increase housing on brownfield sites in other parts of Erith.

That would require changes to planning designation which they fail to do ensuring retail parks are proposed instead of mixed-use developments.

Residents report preliminary works on the Erith site with further building work expected in coming months.

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    One thought on “BexleyCo begins plan to build on Erith park as preliminary work starts

    • Where’s the local militancy for god sake Murky! If they really care about their green spaces as they should, there would be demo’s, sit-downs blocking contractors etc. Why not? Does nobody there care enough?


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