Hop Stuff brewery and pubs bought by Yorkshire brewer Salt Beer

A Yorkshire brewery has purchased Hop Stuff brewery and two pubs in Woolwich and Deptford.

One pub is at the Royal Arsenal and the other near Deptford station. The brewery is in Thamesmead.

Hop Stuff bar is to left of this image around corner

Salt Beer Factory have purchased the sites and brewing facilities from multinational Molson Coors – who had purchased assets when the founders entered difficulties.

The company initially opened in Woolwich before launching their second bar in 2017 near Deptford station before a third in Ashford.

In 2018 they attempted to open in Greenwich but were blocked.

New shops and homes coming near Hop Stuff site in Woolwich

In 2019 they hit trouble, and the crowd-funded expansion saw disputes between supporters and the company.

The company’s brewery was repossessed and they fell into administration.

They were sold in mid 2019 to Molson, who’s ownerships has lasted two and a half years.

Potential custom

New owners will no doubt be aware of the Woolwich site’s location directly beside 112 homes now being built (and covered on this site last month) as well as Crossrail.

Looking towards site and 112 homes

Thousands more homes are underway within walking distance of the site.

The same is true of Deptford, with many new homes either underway nearby such as the former Tidemill school, or planned at Convoys Wharf.

The company and their outlets will be rebranded as Salt Craft + Pizza.

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2 thoughts on “Hop Stuff brewery and pubs bought by Yorkshire brewer Salt Beer

  • I think the third bar was in Ashford, not Tunbridge Wells?

    • It says Ashford on their website but I was told Tunbridge Wells. Let me have a look


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