Five Woolwich retail units planned beside Greenwich Council HQ

Main photo taken before detailing to front of building removed.

Plans have gone in to build nine homes and five retail units on a site beside Greenwich Council’s Woolwich Centre headquarters.

Courtesy Google. Current view

The site sites alongside Wellington Street and Love lane in a spot with high pedestrian footfall – which explains the retail units.

The current building is hardly bringing much to the street scene at present.

Existing site

The frontage is nothing special and the rear a mess. In talks with Greenwich planners, the authority state:

“RBG consider that demolition of the existing locally listed buildings which are non-designated heritage assets is unacceptable and would constitute substantial harm to the non-designated heritage assets themselves and less than substantial harm to the surrounding Woolwich Conservation Area”.

They also state: “RBG consider the bulk and scale of the development to be inconsistent with the buildings in the adjoining terrace in terms of its height, rear projection and bulk.”

Facing area near Tesco entrance

Hmmm. It’s only four floors with some set backs in a town centre location – and steps down from the council’s own eight-floor building.

The same council are also happy with 15 floors in front of Tesco, yet not a four-floor building?

15-floor proposal Greenwich planners state is ok

Greenwich state: “RBG consider that the northern side of Wellington Street is traditionally the more dominant side where taller and grander traditional buildings are located which informs the general scale of the street”.

Except our own council offices naturally.

The developer responds with: “[This is not entirely true. The recent development of the council offices and other buildings to the west contradict this statement.

The proposed three and four storey building will still remain significantly lower in height than the 6-9 storey development immediately opposite at the Island Site, on the north side of Wellington Street granted planning permission on 23rd October 2020″.

Greenwich planners baffle on a regular basis. As noted, the council’s own building is up to nine floors. The proposed site is also beside a three storey building.

The proposed build is four floors though set back to three facing Wellington Street and one towards the rear.

I don’t particularly like the way it juts out and breaks the building line with its neighbour. The existing building does this too.

That’s a bigger impact than height.

The application can be viewed here.





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10 thoughts on “Five Woolwich retail units planned beside Greenwich Council HQ

  • I think it’s a pretty inoffensive building. Certainly a vast improvement to the current site and the architecture is not as contentious or dated as other buildings in the vicinity. I really don’t understand Greenwich council.

  • It’s looks fine. Does it block the view from some staff in the council building so they’re being silly?

    The current building is rubbish. More shops and homes in a town centre is a no brainer.

  • Let’s demolish the current monstrosity and build this new building. Scale, height, bulk are totally fine.
    Woolwich cannot wait for improvement!

    • Agree it’s pretty innocuous. Given RBG approved their own HQ and the development beside their own Town Hall it’s somewhat odd to complain about a building that is shorter.

  • Bonkers. It’s an improvement. Not necessarily an architectural gem but it’s functional, will provide shopping choice and at the rear is better than the current dingy nature.

  • I guess the hideous red/orange brick fits in with adjacent buildings. I would like to see a different facing.

    @Chris: I don’t think that local busineses will be able to afford the rental on the retail units. They will remain empty as with others in Woolwich.

  • @ Michael G Totally agree. For people who live and work in the area the new building will be a vast improvement.for this site.

    I also hope planning permission will also be granted for the Island Business Centre site soon which is opposite this proposed development on Wellington Street.

  • What about the business centre site? I hope so much the ORIGINAL plan will go ahead! Or is it definitely abandoned?

    The latest proposal is a massive downgrade…

  • Developers of the Island Business Centre site are actually writing to neighbouring properties and businesses asking them if they would like to comment on the proposed development before submitting plans again to Greenwich Council. I know as my employer received a copy of the proposed plans on Monday.

    Like me they are hoping the development gets planning permission granted so developers can start work on the site before older sections of the property to be retained fall in to further decline.

  • I think this development will be a better use of the site as the back of this site over looking the green to the front of Tesco is in need of improvements.

    However, I think the new 9 new homes would be better let out at affordable rents.


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