Calls not to panic buy petrol leads to panic buying of petrol

The great British public have again risen to the challenge of panic buying when advised not to do so as queues build-up at various petrol station today.

Toilet rolls are just so 2020.

New Eltham, Thamesmead, Abbey Wood, Charlton (and more) are reportedly seeing queues.

Charlton Asda- though this car park exit is a mess much of the time

Abbey Wood BP is reportedly now out.

Not taken today

It started with news that the shortage of drivers seen across the UK had seen some stations close. The media reported relatively few.

That however appears to have spurred many to rush out to fill up.

The HGV driver shortage is causing disruption in various areas, and more problems look set to follow.

One issue not widely reported is that bus companies across the UK are having to cut services as drivers leave having been enticed by HGV wages.

While government talk about solving the HGV issue they’ve said little (anything?) about knock-on bus driver shortages.

If people keep buying up all the petrol they may have to get a bus…if there’s a driver.





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    2 thoughts on “Calls not to panic buy petrol leads to panic buying of petrol

    • Plumstead High Street is gridlocked, its 9.30am Saturday morning.

    • A lot of those drivers already have tanks that are more than half full. This is stupidity on the level that stripped shops of lavatory paper last year. Close the petrol stations until deliveries are made.


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