Amazon offer £1,000 for new workers in Dartford: Struggling to find staff?

Amazon are offering new starters at their vast new distribution depot in Dartford a bonus of £1,000.

The company will eventually offer around 1,300 roles on the site of the former Littlebrook power station directly next to the Dartford Crossing.

Offering a large bonus is somewhat unusual, and a possible sign the company is struggling to fill roles.

The company hasn’t a great record for employee relations, with a number of allegations of poor treatment.

Earlier this week I covered news of a bus route which has launched to take workers from across north west Kent to the new site.

Full route

A separate route has launched for south east London.

The company states there is no on-site parking, though does claim “There is also FREE car park next to the Dartford station so no cost at all!”.

I’m sure the traffic-clogged streets and residents of Dartford will welcome employees driving to the station en mass.


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    21 thoughts on “Amazon offer £1,000 for new workers in Dartford: Struggling to find staff?

    • this is great and what brexit was supposed to do, working class people have been screwed over by multinational comapanies for years opening up in there town promising thoasands of jobs only to employ immigrants from eastern european countires and subjecting them to minimum wage and inhumane work hours. Now these companies will have to pay a respectable wage that is reflective of the hard graft these employees have to do

    • @Ahmed Yes, along with shortages of goods, loss of Airtime Roaming charges, hospitality venues not having enough staff… the list goes on. An all-round brilliantly thought through vanity experiment.
      And to pay the bonuses and keep profit margins, consumer prices will invariably increase.

    • In the short term yes we will have a small shortage in goods but excljsively effect mega corperations who have huge profit margins anyways and even then we are probably just past the worst of it, As for roaming charges if you take one look at a comapany’s such as 3 mobile you will se many countries that we are able to travel to with free data roaming are outside the EU In the long term the working class especially outside of london have the most to benefit.

    • That £1,000 inducement is a one-off payment. Amazon will continue to be a horrible company for which to work. As for the long term and the uplift of working people, there will be a few flagship projects in some newly won Tory seats before the money and political will runs out.

    • @Ahmed Perhaps it’d be better if people like me simply left ‘broken Britain’ to Remainers, I assume like yourself, led by PM Joris Bohnson we clearly not wanted or welcome any longer.

    • @Ahmed Let me try that again… Perhaps it’d be better if people like me simply left ‘broken Britain’ to Levers, I assume like yourself, led by PM Joris Bohnson as we Remainers are clearly not wanted or particularly welcome…

    • Condeceding remainers such as yourself is the reason why life long labour voter such as myself voted to leave and vote tory in the 2019 election, we stuck it to the establishment both the tory’s and labour didnt want brexit and we won, it depressing see the party that was for the workers go out and defend these billion pound companies and seethe and find the negative out of story where one of these said companies ends up payed 1000 for every emplyoee they sign on.

    • “anonymous201481
      August 26, 2021 at 5:15 pm
      That £1,000 inducement is a one-off payment. Amazon will continue to be a horrible company for which to work.”

      = 1k bribe to sell yourself into corporate slavery. Easy to make fools of people, just like the Tories did with Brexshit.

    • “voter such as myself voted to leave and vote tory in the 2019 election, we stuck it to the establishment”

      You think you stuck it to the establishment by voting Tory?

      Give your head a wobble.

    • Incredible isn’t it. There’s one born every minute apparently.

    • @Anoymous201481 Dartford has been a Conservative area for years. Amazon needs to up their gam eon how they treat and respect their staff everyone is agreed on that. As do most other employers tthese days to be fair.

      However, Amazon is a private company and has nothing to do with politics.

    • Corporations such as Amazon have an incredible level of influence on politics I’m afraid.

    • Why do you think they pay hardly any tax, subvert employment law and environmental protections etc. They can buy and sell politicians and selections – as with Newscorp and facebook in the Brexit vote and last UK GE.

    • @Ahmed, wait and see… your dear Brexit..what means for london…….after the covid bubble…for example lots of corporates had to move thousands of jobs and people outside UK… which means not only less jobs but less people less income tax, less of everything and affects also retail and hospitality business.

      Brexit voters has been spitting on what made London (which supports for GDP the welfare of rest of UK) the most international and attractive city in the world: the flow of people coming in the country to work (and pay taxes) bringing multitude of skills.

      You all focus on people that come to work, but never challenge or debate on the hundreds thousands of people that do not work because they don’t want to…and the absurd flaws of benefits systems which we will all know is being abused for generations and statistics prove that the abuse wasn’t predominantly coming from foreign people.

      Brexit which led to no EU funding and for this reason the UK Governement had the insane idea and decided to wait for people immunity in phase 1 of Covid to save money which then thanks to god that decision was changed.

      Brexit will have its pros like the possibility to do things on ur own way like with vaccine approval and roll out (earlier than eu).. but there will be lots of tangible cons and these will be more evident when Covid bubble is over

    • Voting Tory was how Brexit and the democratic will of the people got delivered.

    • @john I’d vote Tory again and again if it meant respecting the democratic vote of the people many euroskeptics such as Corbyn let us down to save their careers


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