Location of next CCTV enforcement cameras across Greenwich revealed

Greenwich Council have revealed the location of further cameras that will monitor roads and fine drivers who commit “moving traffic violations”.

By law cameras cannot issues fines for illegal parking in the vast majority of instances (except on bus lanes, cycle lanes with mandatory unbroken line and on Keep Clear markings outside schools), and income from fines is strictly limited to transport projects. The locations are:

  • Peartree Way/A102 Blackwall Tunnel southern approach
  • Plumstead Common Road/Bloomfield Road
  • Plumstead High Street junction with Bannockburn Road
  • Eltham High Street (Adjacent St John the Baptist Church)
  • Plumstead Common Road junction with Burrage Road
  • Tunnel Avenue (North Morden Wharf Road)
  • Alnwick Road/Mottingham Lane
  • Wricklemarsh Road/Rochester Way
  • Thomas Street junction with Wellington Street
  • Greenwich-Blackwall Lane/Telcon Way
  • MacBean Street at junction with Beresford Street
  • Plumstead Road – eastern bus lane
  • Blackwall Lane junction with Salutation Road
  • Plumstead High Street junction with Garribaldi Street
  • Peartree Way junction A1020/A102
  • Westcombe Hill junction with Vanbrugh Park Road
  • Pettman Crescent junction with Nathan Way
  • Rochester Way junction with Crookston Road
  • Burrage Road junction with Spray Street

There’s some areas there that are pretty notorious for illegal and dangerous driving. For example, MacBean Street at the junction with Beresford Street has a no right turn sign when leaving MacBean Street. Many drivers ignore it and head at speed towards pedestrians crossing on a green light at another arm of the junction. I’ve had a few emails from residents about it. I took a look and sure enough around 80 per cent ignored the sign and drove towards crossing pedestrians. Every subsequent trip has seen exactly the same, and residents complaints have continued.

Double parking in Plumstead blocking bus lane entrance

After many complaints Greenwich put up a new sign. It achieved next to nothing. Greenwich Council lacked CCTV powers at the time as it’s only very recently they agreed to use them, becoming the 30th out of 32 London boroughs to do so.

Now they have, it can finally be monitored and a real deterrent is in place.

The authority estimate £37 million in income from these new cameras in the next four years:

Income prediction for 40 cameras taken from 2021 council report

Where it will be spent remains a mystery. Just this morning I covered how Santander cycles is being expanded though Greenwich have still not agreed to fund their share in order to see docking stations.

Given this income is ringfenced to transport projects, it seems a possible candidate.

Other areas cameras can be used for enforcement include:

  • driving in bus lanes
  • stopping in yellow box junctions
  • ignoring banned turns and no-entry signs
  • driving the wrong way in one-way streets.

I’ve already read about “war on motorists” today despite Greenwich not using cameras for enforcement in the 18 years since it became possible, didn’t do so when the vast majority of councils adopted them and will now give a two week grace period. If many drivers didn’t continue to block bus lanes (see notorious areas such as Plumstead), park selfishly outside schools and ignore no-turn signs they wouldn’t be going in. Now they are, lets hope for some solid transport improvements.




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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    7 thoughts on “Location of next CCTV enforcement cameras across Greenwich revealed

    • It would be interesting to see the enforcement for the two new ones on Blackwall Lane – Telcon Way and Salutation Road. I suspect it’s for yellow box enforcement only, which is helpful but not something I particularly see being contravened much. More helpful would be if it provides enforcement against the people that leave the A102 and turn around in these junctions to rejoin the A102, as they unnecessarily add to the congestion on an already busy road. Previously they used to do the barred right turn but since that’s been caught by the cameras they have moved down a couple of streets and now do a U-turn using either of these two side streets.

    • Some of those areas are much welcome. Some curious omissions though while others without many issues are included.

      As as driver myself I see little issue with many of these choices. In fact the idiocy of some drivers in the area gets on my goat so bring it on. For those whinging it’s notable how often they havn’t the foggiest about it – in fact some are blaming Khan (it’s not down to him but boroughs but facts aren’t their strong point) and others saying why not use for crime? The obvious answer is that they cost a lot to install and operate and with traffic offences they are self sustaining. Councils can’t exactly spend millions on even more CCTV without any income to fund operating costs.

      Then there are those shouting to spend fine revenue on this or that when it clearly cannot BY LAW. I do think some basics of law and how government operate should be taught in schools. The ignorance is immense.

    • I do think that if too much revenue is generated, the road design probably needs looking at. It’s unethical to fine drivers if they are not used to the layout and its so confusing that it’s easy to make a mistake. If many drivers make the mistake – its a bad design.

      If it’s just selfish drivers – keep the fines rolling in!

    • Any update on Woolwich Road cameras? The road they added 20mph near B&M and the children school.
      Because few days I saw that they added a camera sign board, but there’s no camera installed!

      They shouldn’t be doing this.

    • Worst yet, the road markings are fading out and pot holes everywhere.

      I dislike Greenwich Borough so much. Stupid council

    • I applaud the use of cameras to wrangle the miscreant motorists of Royal Greenwich. As a new cyclist, I can certainly tell you, there are a lot of unconscious if not purely dangerous drivers out there! (I will not excuse the dangerous cyclists out there, either, and I hope that there are provisions in place to deal with them, too!)


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