London bus capacity to double to 60 from next week

London’s buses are due to see an increase in capacity from 30 to 60 next week as lockdown measures are further eased.

Over on the rail network, Southeastern services will return such as services on the Woolwich line running via Lewisham to Charing Cross. Some stations have seen a severe reduction to just two trains per hour instead of six.

Buses are supposed to have a 30 limit on double deckers though in reality many passengers and drivers appear to ignore the rule. Rear-facing seats in bays will continue to see coverings to prevent usage.

Then again if they are enforced, there’s the risk that people would drive instead where possible due to the uncertainty of boarding, and traffic levels are now extremely high across much of London.

One change going against the norm is a reduction on Bakerloo Line services from this Sunday. TfL state: “Services between Queen’s Park and Elephant & Castle will be reduced from 19 trains per hour to 16 trains per hour outside of peak time on weekdays and in the evenings.”

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I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    6 thoughts on “London bus capacity to double to 60 from next week

    • This is excellent news as more people return to work from next week.

      However, the wearing of mask over the mouth and nose is still compulsory on all buses trains tube and DLR and taxi’s. This has not changed. So we must continue to protect each other from the virus as we travel on public transport.

    • Good news because people are being left at bus stops. I am on the 261 bus route into Lewisham and was left standing after waiting a goodish time – the scheduled bus didn’t turn up. Fortunately, I live within a short walk of the Eltham Road buses, so schlepped down there.

      I don’t mind the mask mandate and will continue to wear mine until such time as it is lifted.

    • As a bus driver I think its going to be a disaster I see around 45%of these arrogant people that have not changed their habits since last year they act like there was never a pandemic and TFL DO NOT OFFER any support just empty words from sadiq Khan. This disease will return. Because the supposed leaders don’t really have any understanding of the total ignorance of the general public

    • Yes anonymous201481 is right I too have been left waiting at the bus stop several times as the buses that do turn up are full or has anonymous201481 rightly says the scheduled bus does not turn up.

      We now know 60 passengers will be allowed on double decker bus services. However, do we know what the new capacity will be for single decker bus services from Monday 17th May ? As the average capacity was 14 for the normal size single deckers and even less for the smaller midi single deckers.

      I am with you on the wearing of a mask anonymous201481 and likewise I will continue to wear a mask until the mandate is officially lifted.

    • @Derek Reid, I share your concerns BUT what do you think the Mayor of London can do to enforce compliance? You are relatively safe in your plexiglass screened cab presumably wearing a mask. I have to brave fellow passengers who think that mask wearing is not for them. Such people probably eschew the vaccine too.

    • Derek Reid I agree with you there are so many arrogant people that have refused to believe the pandemic is real and say it is all fake. These are the same people who refuse to wear a mask, social distance and think the rules just do not apply to them. I feel for yourself and other drivers and passengers.

      Anoymous201481 I also agree that such people also eschew the vaccine too.

      I was made to understand that there were Police and TFL staff travelling on the network to enforce the wearing of mask in the last 15 months I have not seen one. As new varints take hold perhaps the Mayor of London should increase these patrols on our bus services and other TFL services to enforce the rules more rigorously.

      Please wear your mask to protect yourself and others from this nasty covid pandemic. Please all keep safe and well too.


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