Nursery and housing planned at Abbey Wood’s former Maybloom club

Revised plans have been submitted to rebuild the Maybloom club in Abbey Wood shortly after the social club was redeveloped.

Shortly after completion the club shut up shop, and plans then emerged to convert to housing. Greenwich Council refused owing to a loss of a community facility and poor design. Greenwich stated:

“By reason of the poor internal layout, location of principle habitable rooms facing the communal car park and inaccessible and poor location of the communal amenity space provision, the proposal is considered to provide a poor quality of accommodation for future occupiers of the new development.”

Further revisions have now been made with plans for housing plus a nursery or special needs school through extension of the existing building both to the side and above.


The rationale for closing the club after rebuilding was odd, as they blamed falling membership numbers while it was closed for an extended period during building works over a couple of years which was always going to happen.

This latest planning applications again contains howlers such as stating buildings from the 1960s are Victorian. Not just Victorian in style but a “mix of Victorian properties from the 1960’s”.

Details of the new plan can be seen here.

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